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Words and Such

I’m going to run out of titles like that at some point and have to get creative.

So, I missed last week’s review. That wasn’t on purpose, I just sort of had a rough week and fell off existence. Can’t say it won’t happen again, so I’m not even gonna try. I am working on a short run fix for it though, so there’s that.

Got some really cool reviews coming up. Some stuff that I’m behind on, some stuff that’s current, and some comics like I’ve been mentioning for years.

Beyond that, I don’t really have much to say. I’m tempted to run my mouth off about the stuff that’s coming up, but that would spoil the fun a bit. At some point I know I want to finish up the Kitty Norville series, but that’s a little ways off and I’d need to reread the penultimate book. I also want to do some structured stuff on tropes and writing habits that bug me, why they do, and what might work instead. Not sure how I’d have that labeled or how it would work in the long run.

Just general me throwing stuff at the walls.


So I Fell Off the World

Being gone since the first has not been intentional, as you all may have guessed. I’ve fallen into something of a weird place with reading where I’ve read several books and loads and loads of fanfic, and then just haven’t gotten around to wording about it. At least, I haven’t gotten around to wording about it online. I’m rather certain my roommates are tired of hearing about how fantastic that one fic is or how that novella could have done so much better if.

I’m going to work on fixing that, so you can all share in their torment.

Add on to that, I feel like I want to do a break down of the Fear Street Saga trilogy some time. Not another review mind, that would be a bit odd, just another going over going deeper into some of the issues I had with the books. Sort of a “I mentioned this but” thing.

Also, the Arcanium Unbounded review is still coming. So’s Christmas, but hey. My goal is to have that up within the week, so if I’m gone for another twenty days that’s what’s up.

An Occurrence

So, it’s a bit off topic but the post I did a couple days ago made me think of this. Weird stuff keeps happening in the new apartment, mostly little things, but still. I heard a girl crying in the middle of the night, it wasn’t either of my roommates. One roommate had the light fixture that had just been fixed fall from the ceiling of her room a couple times the first day we moved in. It broke the last time it fell. The dog keeps freaking out at seemingly nothing.

It’s a little like being in the first twenty minutes of a haunted house movie. Though, I certainly hope that we are more likeable than most horror movie protagonists.

I feel like I might set out the video camera and see if anything shows up. It’s silly, and I’ll probably just wind up with video of the cat running around, but I figure why not. I am very nearly promising that I’m not going to up and turn this into a ghost hunting blog, but I do kind of really want to try this now.

That makes me think of another thing. Have you guys ever quit a series because it scared you too badly?

Something as a Reference

I’m having a bit of a problem with the reviews I’m working on at the moment. See, I keep wanting to reference some of my other stuff in them, other books I’ve reviewed. That feels a little unfair though. Kind of like if I say, this is a thing this book did but not as well as this other book, that I’m cutting into the first book’s time to push the second one.

Logically, I know that doesn’t really make a ton of sense. Comparisons are part of how humans parse things out. This thing is like that thing but with this or without that, but comparing books within the reviews just seems kind of weird. Maybe it’s more something I should go back and do a post on, similar to that book vs. movie comparison I did ages ago. I’m still working out that part.

On other topics, I have another review that should be up later in the week and I’m trying to decide on another topic for non-review posts between reviews. If I can hit it right I’m wanting to do a review every one to two weeks, once a week being idea biweekly being more realistic. But that doesn’t leave a ton of content and results in a pretty sparse blog, which is something I’m trying to avoid.

I’ll probably wind up doing stuff like this fairly regularly, just for updates and to keep things organized, but if you guys have any ideas feel free to comment below with them. And I’ll see you next time!

Rambling a Little

So, the book that I’m working on a review for and the book I just started have a lot of surface similarities and it’s kind of funny. The similarities make how different the writing is stand out more than I would have initially thought, and it’s kind of making me enjoy the one I’m reading now more than I think I would have if I hadn’t read the other. It’s cool.

Also, new Harry Potter book is coming out Sunday. I’m going to pre-order that while I can still get a discount on it. I have to work the midnight release though, so that isn’t as much fun as it could have been. I do want to do a costume for it though, since we can dress up. I’ve got my wand part way finished and a vague idea of what I want to do for the clothing. The big problem is that I can’t sew and it’s hard to find a robe that works right on short notice.

I’ve got a couple guest posts on the way, need to get those posted but they’re mostly ready. Also another review should be ready in, say, a week. Probably less. I’m also still considering posting bits of that thing I’ve been writing, but I’m not honestly sure anyone would be interested or if this would be the place to post it.

Talking to Space

So, related to my last post, and I officially did not manage to win at NaNoWriMo, what all kinds of heroes and heroines really get you guys into a book?

Me, I’m big on trickster hero types who tend to more talk their way around the problem until they have a way to beat it.  Kitty Norville is a good example of this kind of hero I think, sure she is a werewolf but she tends to find herself facing things that would tear her apart regardless if she wasn’t clever enough to see them coming.  She talks her way out of more fights than she jumps into.  That said, I’m also a fan of the more action oriented detective-y version of the trickster,  characters like Jane Rizzoli or the second Question.  The characters who have to put everything together and figure out who did the thing, but then get to go bust the badguy’s heads.

I think that part of the reason I like those sorts of characters over straight up action hero types or standard romance novel heroes comes down to the side characters they go home to at the end of the adventure.  Kitty has her husband and her pack, Rizzoli has her family, and Renee had Aristotle and Huntress.  It humanizes the characters I think, makes them more than just their spot in the plot and less than some perfect ideal of the character type.  I know that the other two types I mentioned have family and friends as well, but I’ve seldom seen them carried on well.  An action hero has family but they get shuffled off to the side for him to be McAwesome or killed off to give him motive.  Romance leads, again, tend to either have very little family so that they don’t get in the way, or their family gets trotted out to show how much of a great person they are and isn’t the other lead lucky to have them.  It just seems kind of off to me, I mean, it fits the genre but maybe that’s because it’s become so much of a convention of the genre that I’ve come to expect it.

So, that was my two cents, what do you guys think?  What makes a good hero type and what gets old quickly?

Got my wisdom teeth removed recently, really looking forward to when I can eat real food again.  Going to start posting again pretty soon, I’ve got a bunch of light mysteries waiting to be talked about and a bunch of sci-fi/ fantasy stuff waiting to be read and reviewed.  Plus it’s summer break so, work aside, I should have more than enough free time to get this show back on the road. You guys are probably going to hear a great deal about it when I finally get to have steak again, but that’s a thing for later.