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Ok, I’m a terrible blogger and have been remiss in not posting this.  But, it’s time to announce the winner for our 7 Scorpions: Rebellion give away copy.

Congratulations Suz Reads you’re our winner this go round!

Same rules as ever, contact me with a mailing address at tympestbooks@yahoo.com within three days or I’ll have to pick a new winner.

Thanks for playing everybody!

I did not mean to be this late with the review for 7 Scorpions: Rebellion, it’s been a weird one folks.  I’m hoping to have the next review up on time and some more nerd rantery regarding the New 52 up in the next few weeks.  Also, more books, more give aways, and less of my whining about life in general.  But enough about that, on to the review.

On May seventh, the world was turned upside down when the power hungry dictator know only as Zodiac flash bombed every major city on earth simultaneously.  What survivors there were are hunted by Zodiac’s foot soldiers, the Seekers.  Paralyzed by fear the remaining out posts of humanity are destroyed or enslaved one by one.  It’s up to former vigilante crime fighter turned government super soldier Vincent Black to save the remaining résistance and stop Zodiac once and for all.

Just based on the blurb for Mike Saxton’s 7 Scorpion: Rebellion I figured that it was going to be either a way deep sci-fi exploration of what it means to be human in the face of unrelenting horror or a somewhat cheesy sci-fi/horror romp on levels comparable to Aliens meets Sleepaway Camp 3.  It actually fell somewhere between the two with a good dash of navel gazing and assuring the reader that the government is evil.  I’m going to wind up doing a bit of a break down here because I enjoyed the story itself but had issues with the writing.

Vincent has this thing, he used to be something like BatPunisherMan but then the government stole him for scary secret experiments that had killed six other test subjects.  He will-powered his way through a year of radiation cancer that should have killed him within hours of exposure.  A year in which he decided to fight L.A.’s underground and won.  Yet this guy doesn’t think he’s a leader of any sort and seems to have self esteem issues on par with the female lead in a romance novel.  Lexi is the romantic female lead that no one seems to realize is the main romance interest.  She, like Vincent, had cancer that should have killed her but also survived, minus her ability to feel fear.  Her Dad also had some as yet unexplained connection to the project that made Vincent what he is today.   The side characters are for the most part interchangeable until about two thirds of the way through.  Josh is the computer guy.  Talbot is that guy.  Andromeda can’t seem to decide if she’s eight, twelve, or eighteen.  John’s got serious doubts about his courage and a pregnant wife.  Everyone gets crushing self doubt in one way or another and then they talk about it for a page or so.

There was a good deal of needless description here.  Anyone who was going to be even vaguely important for the scene was given a full description of their clothing.  Not just a general “worn blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket” kind of description, no we’re talking down to what state’s logo was written on the shirt.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it happened way too much.  Action sequences devolved into a good deal of “tell” regarding a character’s skills or emotional state without much “show” to back them up.  Vincent does a lot of conserving ammunition by simply not missing the Seekers he’s shooting at and somehow hitting vital organs with every shot.  Is this a conscious decision or is Vincent just that good?  Likewise we’re told that it’s impressive that Vincent survived the way across the country while avoiding the Seekers, but there are several other characters who manage to do so without being written as particularly tough by human standards.  Saxton also seems to have a habit of using far more words than he needs, making it easy to get bogged down in the writing rather than enjoying the story.

The dialogue gets repetitive rather quickly.  Somehow the good guys manage to forget things that they had discussed not two chapters ago and have to go over the subject again.  Many of the early bits with characters coming to conclusions regarding the Seekers or the nature of Zodiac felt like they hadn’t been changed from one character to the next, so there was a good deal of characters sounding the same early on.  The villains all got a very over blown “Caps Lock is the rule for cool” style of dialogue that makes even Zodiac, the complete monster big bad, seem like a parody of the terrifying empire of doom.  It’s a bit like Saxton wanted to show people who had been kicked so many times that they’d come unhinged and were taking out on the rest of the world, but wasn’t sure how they’d express themselves.  So, they all got the ranting evil doer treatment.  It gets old rather quickly though, even if it does make sense.

And that brings me to one of my more interesting things with 7 Scorpions: Rebellion.  There’s enough plot bits mixed in and enough stuff included to make three separate series easily, but it boils down to two groups of social outcasts fighting over the survival of mankind.  Zodiac and his commanders are clearly messed up and any time the reader is told about their life prior to May 7th they got the short end of every stick offered.  Vincent and the rest of the heroes are almost as screwed up as Zodiac’s bunch; they just deal with it in a less genocidal manner.

Where does this leave me?  As I said earlier, I enjoyed the story a good deal but the book could have been much more streamlined.  If 7 Scorpions: Rebellion was online rather than published, I would probably suggest a beta reader to give another opinion and to catch what I’ve missed or neglected to go over.  It earns a two and a half out of five, there’s a lot of promise here and a good story, but it’s too easy to get bogged down in the writing.

Welcome back everybody!  As you guys know, I’ve had a give away for Mike Saxton’s 7 Scorpions Rebellion running for most of the week and today lovely readers we’ve got a guest post from the author himself.  So, here we go I’ll see you guys again tomorrow with a review!

I wanted to first thank Lauren for allowing me to invade her blog. For my post, I wanted to give you all a little peak inside the head of an author: me. That might be a scary trip so make sure you’re not reading this before going to bed, otherwise, you may have nightmares. I want to give a disclaimer up front that the purpose of this is not to whine or complain. It’s simply to give you a glimpse at what not only drives me, but a number of other authors as well.


I like writing. For me, it’s a form of artistic expression, and the only artistic expression I’m capable of doing even halfway decently (I draw like a chimp, sing like a frog, dance like a 3-legged dog, and play musical instruments like a platypus). That’s why I do it. That’s why a lot of authors do it.


There are a number of people out there who have written creative works that have never seen publication. I have some myself. Matter of fact, the 7 Scorpions Trilogy was originally going to join that pile of things that I wrote just for the sake of writing. Unlike much of the other material I’ve tried my hand at; this trilogy has been a part of my life for 17 years, starting with the dreams that inspired them. I admit to having an attachment and I wanted more for it than just taking up space on a hard drive.


The publishing arena is not easy to get into and is even more challenging to remain in. There are over a quarter million books published in the United States alone every year, and that number is increasing. Over 98% of them never sell more than a hundred copies (fortunately, I passed the 100 copy mark). So for many authors, it all starts and ends with the first published book. It’s expensive, even if you’re traditionally published. It’s time consuming. Trying to market in an environment that is a veritable ocean is much like trying to go from your high school football team to the NFL.


Some of you may be aspiring writers. It is a wonderful thing. I’ve heard some people adamantly put their foot down saying that it is okay to get into this industry to make money. Personally, I feel that is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to yourself. It’s so easy to beat yourself up when you’re not making money. It’s also much easier to get frustrated and quit. For me, as I mentioned, the 7 Scorpions trilogy is important to me on a level that is beyond monetary compensation. Would I like to see it become a huge success? Of course. Does it matter to me if it doesn’t go any further than it already has? Nope. I published it because I want to share it. Because my true goal as an author is to have my work read, not make money. That doesn’t mean I’d turn my nose up to money but having cash never made me happy before, it certainly won’t now. Heck, I even had the eBook price dropped to 99 cents several months ago because I was more interested in having it read than attempting to rake in riches with my first book (or any book thereafter).

So I may never become Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Jack Higgins, Dan Brown, or any number of millionaire authors. That’s okay (in some ways, it saves a lot of trouble). I followed my dream and put something near and dear out there for the world. What the world does with it now is up to them, not me. I will accept the decision, whatever it may be.

There are times when I’m really glad that I check my schedule.  Coming up this Sunday I’ll be reviewing Mike Saxton’s 7 Scorpions Rebellion as part of a blog tour hosted by his publisher.  As part of this Mike was kind enough to send a second copy of 7 Scorpions Rebellion for me to pass on to one of my lovely readers.  You guys know what that means, giveaway time!

I’m really excited to read this book, it’s got anarchist overthrows of a world dominated by sheeple, super soldiers with fear based weapons, and the resistance as lead by a former government super soldier with a dark past.  This sounds like it should be dark sci-fi done right.

So, what do you guys have to do to win?  Same as last time, just e-mail subscribe to this blog and post a comment about it to enter.  You can still get a second entry by either following me on Twitter or already being a Twitter follower, just include it in your comment.

The contest goes from today until five PM Central time on Sunday. A winner will be selected using random.org and announced Monday after noon.

I will unfortunately be unable to ship outside of the United States due to shipping costs.

Good luck everybody!