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Late with this, but so excited for it. I feel like I need a tag for dice from Kickstarter. Probably going to go ahead and add that, since I’ve got more coming up later in the year.

Icy Everglades 1

These guys are the Metallic Dice Games Icy Everglades Unicorn dice, plus a Kickstarter exclusive logo d6. Now, these dice combine three things that I’m starting to find I really like in dice sets. They’ve got a fantastic vibrant green color that’s slightly muted by the acrylic and the sparklies. The sparkling bits are super fine and show up from just about any angle on their sides, but the color reflects differently depending on which side you’re looking at. And, the semi-translucent aspect of them with the swirls of green and the clear acrylic makes for some really fantastic play of light and color peak through makes each dice seem more suffused with color than the swirls would normally afford them.

They also feel really nice. The numbers are engraved reasonably deeply and the paint job is, largely, fantastic. The set is bright and easily readable and honestly just looks really nice.

Icy Everglades 2

Now, another bonus from the clear acrylic is that it’s easy to see that there aren’t any bubbles to throw off the balance. And the set does roll fantastically. They feel good in the hand too.

So, this is decidedly a set that I’m a fan of. I’m actually planning on getting a couple more of the Unicorn sets later on because of how much I like these. The only real question I’m left with is whether I’m going to use them for a druid or a cleric. Dual classing is always an option, right?

Alright, dice time! I admit, I’m late on this this week because I got sidetracked looking at a bunch of April Fool’s stuff. It’s a weakness. Doing something a little different this week, I picked these dice up at Kami-con back in February and have been wanting to talk about them more or less since.

Mini Dice 1

I haven’t done much with this set of dice despite having had them for more than a month at this point. Part of that, I think, is because I’d already planned out the set I wanted to use for my current D&D character. I bought these guys for two reasons, one they’re a cool novelty, and two I’m planning on tossing them in my bag for the next con I go to in case they have pickup Dungeons and Dragons games again this year.

What’s the novelty though?

Dice Comparison

Mini is a serious descriptor here. Something about that just makes me grin though? It isn’t like standard dice are all that big or heavy. But, especially for con trips, I like the idea of a smaller dice set just to save that little bit more space in my bag. This set I could comfortably fit in my pocket.

The only big down side to the mini dice is that they can be kind of hard to read. You can see how much smaller the numbers on the d20 are compared to the regular sized d20. That’ll be a bit of a concern, but it’s something that should be able to be worked around.

They also feel a little strange in the hand because of how small they are, but that kind of just adds back in to the novelty of tiny dice. So no real complaint there.

Mini Dice 2

I’m looking forward to playing with these in the near future. I like the shade of blue on them. The numbers are clear if small. Over all, this is a nice set of dice. Four out of five due to the numbers being a little hard to read, but still. I’m happy with them.