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I’m down to the wire on getting this posted on Saturday. Sorry about that, I scheduled badly.

But! Here’s the important part! I’ve got two winners for the dice giveaway.

Goldiefc8, you’ve won the Confetti Dice.

drakedourden, you’ve won the Tombstone Bone dice.

Congratulations to both of you!

Shoot me a message in the next few days with a way to get in touch with you and I’ll get your new dice on the way!

Right! So, Dice Envy likes to see their dice in the hands of people who will use them regularly. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to review some really nifty dice this past month. And I appreciate that a lot, it’s been something I found myself looking forward to.

So, it only made sense then to celebrate my birthday by sharing the awesome dice they’ve sent me with you all. Bonus here, they were willing to provide a set of the Confetti Dice for this giveaway, so that’s each set from this past month.

Giveaway 1

So, what does it take to get your hands on one of these sets?


Simple as ever, just follow my blog and post a comment here with which set you want to enter for and telling me about your favorite table top character. Doesn’t matter if they’re from Dungeons and Dragons, Starfinder, World of Darkness, or any other system. I just want to hear about them!

And, of course, the frame work bits.

I’ll be running the giveaway here from today, Friday, May 3rd, until midnight Eastern Time on Friday, May the 17th.

Winners will be selected on the 17th using a random number generator and announced on Saturday, May 18th. I’ll have a post for that then.

Winners will need to be comfortable sharing their email and mailing address with me. Neither will be posted here, I just need them to get your dice to you.

Unfortunately, I can only ship the dice within the United States.

And that, should be that! I’m excited to see where this goes and to hear about you all’s characters. Best of luck every one!

Edit for clarification: I tried to hard to make things sound good and didn’t words well enough. I’m wanting to hear about characters you all have played and enjoyed. Like my favorite TTRPG character so far has been my Drow sniper, Celestine, from a couple of campaigns ago. Total Widowmaker rip-off, but she was a lot of fun to play off of the wackier characters the rest of my group rolled up. That said, if you haven’t played any table top games before, characters from Critical Role or other media like that are fine. Just tell me about them, because I’m not super familiar with any of those characters.