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Sorry about the delay today. I’ve been pretty exhausted the last few days, who’d have thought. In the spirit of the fun horror that comes from being stuck at home with no idea what’ll happen, I figured that I’d talk about one of Infinite Black’s sets from their The Colors out of Space line, the Kadathian Ice variantSigil of the Dreamlands dice set. Let’s roll!

As I’ve said before, I really love the presentation of the various Elder Dice sets. The magnetic grimoire box is just cool, especially the included art. It makes for a good scene setter and just looks nice on my table top gaming shelf.

The dice themselves are brightly colored in colors that make me think less of the realms of dreaming and more of wild berry poptarts. Part of this is that my set in particular seems fairly low on the pink, leaving it more a bright purple than anything. This is not a complaint. I also appreciate that the Sigil of the Dreamlands is on the high side of each die, rather than just the d20. They look good, with the color swirls both standing out nicely against the inking, leaving them readily easy to read.


The inking is nicely done. I didn’t notice any thin spots or odd clumps. There were a few places of minor overfill, but nothing that made them hard to read. I will note that, while I’m not likely to re-ink them, the Sigil itself doesn’t look like it would be any more than a little fiddly to re-ink if need be.

As with most acrylic dice these feel nice in hand. The set seems well balanced and rolls with acceptable randomness.


Overall, I really like the set. The extra two d6 are a nice addition. The colors of both the acrylic and the inking work well together. It’s pretty fantastic. Which, of course, means that I’m giving the Kadathian Ice variant Sigil of the Dreamlands dice set a five out of five.

I would definitely use these dice for some manner of sorcerer or an eldritch pact warlock. Looking at those three d6 though, I think the most immediate use for this set is going to be as my DM dice for Tiny Cthulhu in a few months.

Yellow Sign of Hastur

Late again, late again. But the dice are worth waiting for. I should know, I spend more than a month looking forward to Magic City Con to check out the Infinite Black booth. The Yellow Sign of Hastur dice are from Infinite Black’s Unspeakable Tomes collection. Enjoy!

YSoH 4

These are a fantastically presented set of dice. The grimoire dice box looks fantastic with the Yellow Sign on its spine and cover and the printed on details of the metal latches to hold it closed and the magic symbols on the front cover. It even has printed on page edges, giving it the look of a worn and well read tome. There’s a little bit of resistance from the magnetic closure when you open it, enough to be felt but not enough to be annoying. There’s a fantastic piece of art on the inside cover that’s also used on the “White Night, Black Stars, Dim Carcosa” play mat. All fun stuff.

YSoH 3

Inside the box, there’s both the dice and a lore card. Describing the Yellow Sign and its effect on those not dedicated to the Yellow King, the madness it can bring, the lore card is well made. It makes me look forward to reading the ones on other sets of these dice.

YSoH 2

On to the dice themselves though. I love the look of these dice both the places where the yellow and black clash and the parts where the black just sort of seeps through like an infection or a creeping mold. It’s lovely and bright and just pleasing to look at. There is the downside of the coloring though, that the gold inking is really hard to read from any distance. There’s not really a good way to fix that though and, I admit, I like the gold for thematic reasons

The Elder Dice sets come with the standard seven dice as well as two more d6, for a grand total of nine dice. Which is useful. The dice are pretty standard as far as feel goes. The inking is even and the detail on the Yellow Sign on the high sides is fantastic. They seem to be well balanced, though I haven’t tested these as much as I want to yet.

YSoH 1

So, I’m definitely going to be getting more of these. This particular set I feel like I would use for a character who’s having a face heel turn or who’s being revealed as an antagonist. The packaging makes for a fantastic display piece, I like the dice themselves, and the issue with the inking is something I can work around. So, yeah five out of five.