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Look at me being late with this again. I swear, I’m not trying to do this, it just sort of keeps happening. Busy with work. Busy with other stuff.  But I’m here now and I’ve got dice to talk about. These guys are Dice Envy’s Electric set, initially from this January’s subscription box, you can currently get your hands on a set of them at the site. Let’s roll!

Electric Boogaloo 3

The entire black and yellow electric theming for the Electric dice set is something I enjoy, like it makes me think of Saturday morning cartoon rival characters and comic books and any number of things that are a little silly to associate with this particular set of dice but that make me smile nonetheless. What can I say, some times it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

The little lightning bolts that surround the numbers bring the dice character without making them so busy that they can’t be easily read. Which is helped along by the contrast between the black and yellow. Much more, I feel, on the main set than on the mostly yellow advantage d20 but the contrast is good and most of the set winds up being highly readable from a good distance. The exception here being the d20s and that is mostly down to the size of the numbers for them rather than a pattern flaw.

Electric Boogaloo 2

The inking is done in a thick paint that has a few pits or cracks throughout the set, but it doesn’t seem like it’s in danger of falling out or wearing away any time soon. The material used though does mean that, if I wanted to, I’m not sure I would be able to re-ink these without prying the existing paint out and risking damaging the dice. Not a real concern for me, but I also kind of want a set in black and blue now.

As to feel, they’re pretty standard for acrylic dice. There’s the occasional rough bit from the inking that’s texturally interesting. They’re nice and light and seem to roll well, no notable favored sides with this set. So definitely enjoyable to use.

Electric Boogaloo 1

So, of course I love this set. They look nice. They feel nice. Even with the inability to reink it if I chose, the Electric set is just overall one that I enjoy. So it gets a five out of five.

I really want to use this set for an engineer or hacker rapscallion type in Starfinder or maybe build my own Tracer and go for a speedy tech rogue. They do feel more sci-fi than fantasy for me despite having the advantage die for 5e, so it would definitely have to be a sci-fi campaign either way.

Running late with this. I had something important earlier in the day and just sort of checked out afterwards. It was an exciting thing, but kind of exhausting. Away from that and on to the dice, these guys are from Dice Envy, the Carina Nebulaset. Let’s roll!


These dice are sharp as all get out. The red solid red and translucent black with its included glitter and the silver inking work together so nicely. The swirling folds of red in the black give this nice sense of depth, playing into the nebula theming. It kind of makes me want to just sit and turn them in my hands, there were no bad sides on any of the individual die.

The silver inking stands out fantastically against both colors, making them easy to read. They’re nice and fairly neat, there’s no places where the paint used comes out onto the dice themselves. Though there were a couple odd places where it looked like a little extra paint had dripped into the numbers themselves. It doesn’t effect reading them and it doesn’t seem to effect the way they roll, so no real issue just interesting. I’m left curious how it got that way.


As is expected of acrylic dice, the Carina Nebula set feel nice in hand and roll enjoyably well. It almost feels like there’s a little bit of bounce to them, which is fun. They don’t seem to have favorite sides. There’s plenty of random chance to how these dice land so they should be more than fair for game night.


I would like these dice even if they didn’t roll acceptably for game night though. The Carina Nebula set is just so pretty that it makes me want to find one of those jumbo d20s in this style to add to my display set. It also makes me want to get my hands on one of the other sets that are in this same general style but different colors to see if they all turn out this well. I give them a five out of five.

I’m thinking that I would wind up using these for a spell caster of some sort, probably a sorcerer or a warlock. Something that has an inborn or traded for style of magic rather than a learned style. Maybe a character that splashed rogue in with the casting class. It’s the swirls and the glitter I think.

Ghibli Dice Set

Another Monday, another chance to talk about dice. I don’t really have anything else to put here, so let’s get into it. These are Dice Envy’s Ghibli set. Let’s roll!

Ghibli 1

Blues and greens and sparkly things are all qualities that make me happy when it comes to dice. The Ghibli dice set has all three of those things in concert if not in abundance. This is a set that combines a deep blue base with thin swirls of teal and enough micro glitter to make the whole thing sort of remind me of a night at the beach. I will note that, while the glitter is much more impressive in real life, the teal green stands out more in the pictures.

Ghibli 2

The gold stands out really well against the blue, meaning that the Ghibli set reads easily from where ever they land. The inking is crisp and clean with no noticeable spill over or thin spots. I find myself happy to leave the inking on this set alone rather than thinking about other colors I might use on it, so bonus.

These dice roll nicely and don’t seem to have preferred sides, so they’re definitely random enough to use in game. Hand feel is good and they roll well.

Ghibli 3

I like the Ghibli dice set, I think I would have preferred more of the teal in them but that’s sort of a luck of the draw thing on swirled dice like this. The blue still looks good, especially with the gold inking, so it works out. There’s nothing bad I can think to say about them, five out of five.

I admit, they sort of make me want to use them for a sea side druid or, failing a campaign that would allow for that, maybe a fae pact warlock. Something that I could tie those lovely deep colors and the sparklies into.


I have been busy today. I got some gardening done while the sun was out, got some cleaning done, all that fun stuff. Now I get to talk about dice! These are Dice Envy’s OGND set. If you like them, you can use the promo code NOTEARS for 10% 0ff your order. Let’s roll!


OGND is sort of a throw back to the dice available in the 80’s when D&D first came out, so they’re pretty simple and straightforward. Red acrylic, white inking, though the acrylic itself does have some variation in color. I’m fairly certain that variation is on purpose to make the set seem a little more like the mismatched sets from back in the day.


The white inking is a good continuation of the simple throw back idea and it’s nicely visible against the red acrylic. The inking is well done, no notable over or under fill, I didn’t notice any major thin spots. It works.

As expected for acrylic dice the OGND set feels nice in hand and does not seem to have preferred sides when rolled. So they roll acceptably randomly.


All in all, I like this set. It’s way different from most of the sets I collect, given its simplicity, but I like the differences in the dice and how clear the inking is. As a retro throw back the OGND set is basic in the best way, with super clear numbers and nice casting. So they get a five out of five from me.

As to what kind of character I would use these for, I’m thinking a Human Fighter, probably Lawful or Neutral Good. I’d probably go for a sword and board build, something that would let me tank.

Alpha Dice Set

I missed the first round of Dice Envy’s Alpha dice set, so it was a long wait to see if they would be remade. This being Dice Envy’s first Kickstarter set it seemed likely that it would happen eventually, especially in light of the company’s anti-FOMO stance. The wait was worth it I think. Let’s roll!

Alpha 1

I like the starkness of the black and white on the Alpha dice. The movement lines on most of the numbers offer a dramatic flair while the high numbers on most of the dice have what looks like targeting sights, which feels excellent on nat 20s as a nice bit of extra confirmation. I would have liked to see the same pattern on the d10 and percent dice, while they still look cool the lack of the sights on the high numbers makes them feel a little less than the other dice. Even the d4, something that cannot follow the pattern due to its shape, had the pattern adjusted to make it work better there.

Alpha 2

The inking on these is interesting, the numbers and pattern have been filled until they’re level with the rest of the die rather than the engraved numbers having been painted. This results in the dice being texturally interesting. The filling should be level, but there are places on many of the dice that it either sank in or was gouged out a bit somewhere along the lines. It winds up being a bit frustrating because I’m not sure how to fix it.

They do, as expected, roll well though. The d6 seems to have a little bit of a preference for its 3 side, but it is the only one and the preference is minor enough that I don’t think it would effect things to terribly much. The filled in inking does not seem to have any effect on the way the dice feel when rolling them, so they still feel quite nice to roll.

Alpha 3

I do feel like the Alpha dice set was worth the waiting for the restock. I like them quite a bit and find the pattern fun but not overly busy. They do lose a point with me for the issues with the inking, more because of how hard it would be for fix than just for the issues existing. So, Dice Envy’s Alpha set gets a four out of five from me, I’m left looking forward to the Omega set arriving on the website.

This is a bit of an odd set to decide what sort of character I would use them for. I definitely want to use them in Starfinder, Pathfinder’s science fiction sibling game, but I’m not certain which class I would go for, probably an android mechanic or technomancer. I might come back to this after DMing a game or two.


I’m late on this one. It’s been an odd day and it feels like I’ve simultaneously done nothing and all the things. Mondays, right? These guys are Dice Envy’s Eggbite dice. Let’s roll!

Eggbite 1

I think I initially wanted to check out the Eggbite set because they didn’t look like anything else I have right now. The pictures are, as ever, a case where my camera does not do the color of these dice justice. The yellow of them is sharp and vibrant and stands out so well with both the white bits and the inking. That very clear delineation of the opaque white and the clear yellow is delightful and gives the dice a very clean blend of colors. It’s bright and happy looking.

Eggbite 2

I think the use of blue for the inking is pretty brilliant. The blue used is a nice bright color so it fits the dice even as the contrast with the yellow makes them easier to read. I did not notice any thin spots or spill over on the inking. this set turned out really well there.

There were a couple faces on the d4 that seemed over sanded. The numbers were fully filled in with ink, the engraving was just super shallow and worn partially away. It didn’t make the die unreadable and it doesn’t seem to have greatly effected the balance on the die, it just doesn’t look as nice as the other dice. These being acrylic dice, the balance seems fine on all of them. There were no visible bubbles and the did not seem to have any preferred sides.

Eggbite 3

I really like the Eggbite set. It’s bright and fun and I more than kind of want to either chew on the dice or go make scrambled eggs from playing around with them for the review. They do lose a point for the over sanding. While it is not going to greatly effect my using the set, since it’s on the d4, it is a technical issue that the manufacturers should have been keeping a better eye on and I don’t trust that it hasn’t effected other dice in less harmless ways. So the Eggbite set gets a four out of five from me.

I also know exactly the character I want to use them for. I’ve got a catfolk baker turned adventurer fighter planned up for the next time we run Pathfinder, Gib Baguul. The colors and name just make these feel like they’ll be a fantastic fit for one of the sets I use for her. Planning out the sets I want to use for her just gets me more excited to play her later on, so she’ll probably crop up here again.

Ca$h Monet

Another week, another round of talking about dice. This one is Dice Envy’s super sparkly Ca$h Monet, the dice with a truly terrible, truly delightful pun for a name. Let’s roll!

Ca$h Monet 2

Right, so the obvious first thing about these dice is their colors. The colors are rich and bold and shot through on every layer with micro glitter. This is a set where the d6 having a vastly different color balance doesn’t make it feel out of place with the others because they all have fairly broad varieties of color balancing. Also because the use of three colors makes for really nifty effects so, for me, it feels less like it’s out of place for the set.

Ca$h Monet 3

The inking is interesting here. It’s a sort of creamy gold, with sparkles through out but the color muted. It winds up being nicely visible against all the other colors, even the yellow, while not being quite so stark as having them just inked in white would be. There were a few places that were under filled or over filled. Nothing that made the dice hard to read, but it did make some of the sides look a little ragged. This is the one place where that creamy gold isn’t great, if it weren’t for the non-standard color it would be an easy fix. As is, it would take a lot of tinkering to match it.

As usual, the Ca$h Monet dice feel nice in hand and roll well. I did not get these tested as thoroughly as I would have liked, but I did not notice any instances of them tending towards a favorite side. They’re pretty standard with regards to rolling.

Ca$h Monet 1

Which brings us to this bit. I really love the look of this set and the idea of the glittery muted gold inking is really cool. Unfortunately, I think it might be the very same glittery element that made the inking here a little rough and the fiddly nature of mixing up my own paints to match what’s already there makes it a difficult fix. That brings the set down more than a little for me because I like the colors together, but I really don’t like the unevenness of it. And that leaves the Ca$h Monet dice set with a four out of five. Perfectly usable, just not as well finished as they could be.

As to what kind of character I would use these for, I’m not sure. Almost definitely a spell caster of some sort, but then I sort of lose steam. A fae blooded sorcerer or a warlock with a fae patron could work well, I think.

Monday again, and that means I get to talk about dice. This set has a kind of funky name and a gloriously glimery aesthetic, it’s Dice Envy’s Happy Birthday, Katie! dice set. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Katie 1

My adoration of sparkly things is, at this point, well beyond well documented. I like dice with colorful glitter in them. I like dice with nifty inclusions in them. I like dice with interesting color combinations. These have all of the above. The Happy Birthday, Katie! dice set are split between one side that has clear blue acrylic and star shaped confetti and the other side that is absolutely packed with purple micro glitter. The pairing really shouldn’t work together, but the effect is really fun.

The inking is, per standard, well done. I didn’t see any thin parts or over filled places and the silver ink is readily visible regardless of which side of the dice comes up.

Happy Birthday Katie 3

Rolling the dice feels nice. There don’t seem to be any places where the confetti sticks out. Despite having what seems like two very different sets of inclusions, none of the dice in my set have major bubbles visible. The d10 did have a few very small ones, but that does not seem to have effected how it rolls just based on my testing. None of the other dice showed favorite sides either.

Happy Birthday Katie 2

Which brings me to this bit.This is a dice set that makes me think about the Jem and the Holograms comics and the fun of sharing terrible 80’s video clips with my friends. It’s bright and happy looking and rolls well. The part of me that says good enough is good enough gives the Happy Birthday, Katie! dice set a five out of five. But, given that there were bubbles on the d10, regardless of how minor, I’m going to bump it down to a four out of five and suggest giving your set a look over and a few test rolls for these.

As to what sort of character I would use these for, I’m split between wanting to just roll up one of the Holograms as a bard and wanting to use the incredibly sparkly dice for just the dourest basic fighter I can work up. The more I think the more I lean towards the bard, never played one before so I might as well give it a try.

Dice Envy Mask Drive

Just a quick thing because I think this is nifty as all get out and deserves to be spread.

Save a Life: N95 Mask Drive

Dice Envy is doing a drive for the N95 Masks that so many hospitals need right now. They have a supplier that they can get them from and they’re going to donate them to the Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California.

As cool as that is, they’re going a step further with it. If your local hospital is accepting donations you can send their contact information to Dice Envy and they will consider them. There’s more information on the drive’s page here.

Edit: The shipping issue has been fixed!

Lich Slap

Working on my grand return by talking about shiny math rocks. These guys are from Dice Envy, the Lich Slap set. I have grabby hands for sparkly blue dice, so on to the review!

Lich Slap 1

The Lich Slap set of dice follows the same combination of a solid color acrylic and an acrylic colored with micro glitter as the Vibe Check set. In this case, blue with purple micro glitter. The blend works really well here, the blue being clear allows the glitter to peak through even on sides where it isn’t directly present. The effect isn’t subtle in the least, which is the exact opposite of a problem. The couple of dice in the set that are mostly purple rather than mostly blue still feel like they belong to the same set as the mostly blue dice.

The inking is, as usual, well done. The white shows up nicely against both the blue and the purple glitter, leaving it nice and visible on the table. There also weren’t any thin spots that I noticed or places where the ink went over.

Lich Slap 2

Per usual for acrylic dice the Lich Slap set feel nice in hand and roll well. They feel satisfying to roll, both as a unit and as single dice. I didn’t see any evidence of bubbles or voids, and the dice don’t seem to have favorite sides.

Lich Slap 3

It does feel increasingly like this part could be safely left out. But I quite like this set of dice. They look nice, they feel nice, and they roll nicely. I would very much like to see more dice like this, the colors are complementary and blend nicely. So Dice Envy’s Lich Slap dice set gets a five out of five from me.

I have a bit of a hard time deciding what kind of character I would use these for. Possibly some kind of sorcerous rogue or, if I went with the idea I’d had to re-ink them in a copper or brass color, an artificer of some stripe. It’s fun to consider.