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Hey all. I’m going to be late with my review this week, it is still coming but it’s not going to drop until Friday or Saturday. It’s just kind of been a week and if I finished it now I’d be necessarily rough on the book and I don’t want to do that.

So that’s the bad news, the good news is that I’ve got some really cool books lined up for review in the next couple months. That’s more than kind of exciting, I think. I’m also going to be trying to post more, I’ve gone slack on that again.

You may get innundated with stuff about my garden in a couple weeks. I’ve restarted the beans and have some tomato and basil seeds going. Really looking forward to that.

But, yeah, I’ll have things to say in a couple days. See you all then.


Just a quick post to prove that Slendy hasn’t hugged me yet I’m still alive.  There’s going to be a review on Saturday even if I have to post it at midnight to get it done.  I’m also going to see if I can use some of my older review copies as part of a couple of prize packs for the next giveaway hop I join.  There will also be more ranting about DCNU in a few weeks along with more of me being a hopeless nerd (and loving it I might add).  Don’t really have any thing else to say at the moment.  Good night everybody.

I still haven’t got a review written for this week.  Between work, trying to get back to school, and trying to think of jobs in another city I’m spread a bit thin.  Speaking of thin I’m not going to chew that bone again just yet, maybe later.

I’m going to be trying to get back into classes for the next few weeks and will be in class after that, so I may be cutting back on my review schedule a bit while I get stuff set up for that and then while I get settled in back in the dorms.  I’ll also be trying to get ahead a little on some of my reviews for once classes get crazy.

This week’s review will go up either late tomorrow night or early Monday.

I’m also planning on posting more non-review stuff as the year goes, so some days this blog may get a little why dear fuzzy, why did I decide against dessert?

Delays Again

I’ve switched computers for a while because my Mom borrowed my laptop for a class, I’ve been getting everything switched over to my  desk top and left a few files out that I needed.  This last Saturday’s review will go up no later than midnight tomorrow and I will be posting a review this coming Saturday computer or not.

Hopefully I’ve got a couple of really big books coming soon for review in July, and if one of them arrives in time for me to review it before it’s release date I’ll be doing a giveaway to celebrate.  Got another review coming up for the next Deadworld book The Vengeful Dead that’s going up sometime soon and a couple of copies of a book that I’ve been looking really forward to that I’m hoping to be able to share with you guys.

I’ll also probably be posting more regarding DC’s new reboot as it gets closer though most of my concerns were addressed in my last post about that.  I’ll probably start talking more about stuff I’ve noticed out book shopping and things that I question regarding what gets put on shelves.  I may try for more discussion if anyone’s up for that.  But that’s all for now, gotta go write reviews and read books.

Bottle thrown, later guys.