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Not going to lie, I’ve been wanting to find a good time to talk about this set since my Aunt got them for me for Christmas. Chessex’s Lab Dice continue to interest me as a concept, so I’m likely to keep talking about them any time I get my hands on a set. Let’s talk about dice!

Nebula Spring Lab 1

The Nebula Spring White Lab Dice have a clear base with various greens and yellows swirled in, giving each set a fair variety of colors between the dice. There is enough cross over between the colors that none of the dice feel out of place though. I quite like the effect of it, there’s something that feels organic in the differences. The effect also meant that the glow in the dark inclusions didn’t feel like distractions so much as just another part of the overall pattern.

Which reminds me. The Nebula line of Chessex dice glow in the dark, but in little fragmented bits rather than the whole dice or the inking glowing. It’s a really cool effect that leaves the set looking like little star fields when the lights are out. It’s something I’ve found myself keeping an eye out for since finding my first set of Nebula dice.

Nebula Spring Lab 2

There were a few places where the inking was thin or not fully filled in. Which is an easy enough fix, though one that I admit I’ve gotten used to not needing to deal with. That said, the white ink is nicely visible against both the clear parts and the various greens and yellows. It works nicely.

The glow in the dark inclusions do not seem to throw off the dice’s balance in any meaningful way. They all roll nicely and seem reasonably random, I did not notice any of them having favorite numbers anyway. And, of course, they feel nice in hand.

And we come to the ending. I like this set of dice a lot, from the look of them to the glowing to the very concept of the Lab Dice. There are places where the inking isn’t as well done as it could be, but it isn’t anything distracting or difficult to fix. So, the Nebula Spring White Lab Dice get a five out of five from me. They aren’t perfect, but they make me happy and that makes up for it.

As to what kind of character I would want to use these for, it almost has to be a druid. Or maybe a fae bloodline sorcerer. I definitely lean towards druid for these, possibly gnomish due to the glow in the dark effects. It’s just that little bit out of what you’d otherwise expect that it feels right for that.

Right, so this is a set that I’ve been looking for for months. It’s one of the newer Chessex sets, readily available at your local game shop, I just didn’t have the luck of finding a set until a couple of weeks ago. So, really excited for this.

Borealis Maple Green Yellow 1

The big thing that had me interested in the Borealis Maple Green/Yellow was, of course, the combination of that bright warm green and the almost holographic sparkles that shade whole sides of the dice a sort of red gold. It’s just really pretty and it photographs well and I already sort of default to green or blue for dice colors when left to my own devices. Those are the eternal favorite colors.

Ninety percent of my thought process dealt with for this one, these are pretty standard Chessex dice. They feel nice in hand. The inking is evenly done, and the yellow contrasts enough with both the green and the sparkles to be easily read. They roll reliably randomly. And this set is clear, so you can see if there are bubbles that might throw off the rolls.

Borealis Maple Green Yellow 2

My d20 for this set actually has a bubble, which worried me a little but it seems to roll fine all the same. I’ll test it more later, but the bubble seems close enough to the middle of the dice for it to sill be randomized.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the bubble this set would be a five out of five just for how excited I was to find them. Also, again, how nice they look. Unfortunately, they did have that bubble, so they get a four out of five instead.

Chessex Lustrous Shadow Dice

Another week, another Monday, another dice review. These guys go way back for me, so I figure this is as good a time to review them as ever, I’m feeling nostalgic.

Lustrous Shadow 1

For me, I’ve been sort of keeping an eye out for this set since back when I first started playing table top games. And that, is because it’s the set that my favorite d20 is from. Way back in high school I picked up a really nifty d20 at a pop up shop in Mobile’s mall, it struck me because I’d just started running the Planar Chaos: Unraveling Mind Magic deck and the colors felt like a good match for the set. Plus I needed a life counter any way, so it fit.

I do love the colors on this dice set. It’s a deep swirl of dark cool colors, almost velvety in the way it reflects the light. There’s bits of lighter colors swirled in too, sill cool but bright enough by comparison to make them stand out when you see them. This set is heavy on the blues, where my old d20 is more purple, but it’s nice all the same.

Lustrous Shadow 2

Now, Chessex is kind of the standard basic polyhedral dice. They’re the ones you can find at the Books-A-Million, at the local comic shop, I even found some at a video game shop once. They’re good enough and a good place to start without breaking the bank. So quality is pretty standard here.

This set might be a little lighter than the ones I’ve been using the last couple months, but they still feel nice in the hand. They roll well, though I admit, I haven’t done enough with this particular set to see if they get hung up on one side or the other. They didn’t seem to when I was just rolling them around to look at the colors. And if this set is anything like the old d20, they’ll be knocking around for a good long while.

Over all, I like these dice. That’s tinted quite a bit by nostalgia and my finding them out in the wild after not seeing the pattern for years. So, yeah, these dice get a five out of five. They remind me of good times.