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Just a quick change to the contest as a result of this, apparently I misunderstood while setting up the giveaway but there will be two winners instead of one.  Both winners will receive one of the two Jackie Rutledge novels rather than one receiving both.  I’m sorry about the mix up guys.  This will be reflected on the giveaway post as well.   But on to the fun stuff!  As the title suggests, we’ve got a guest post to day from the author himself!  Enjoy!

Hello, everyone. I’ve been granted the opportunity to post today in regard to the release of the second book in my Deadworld series, The Vengeful Dead. It’s what I would call paranormal crime fiction or if you’re in a bookstore, urban fantasy. One of the problems in writing urban fantasy, or any genre for that matter, is developing something that feels fresh and new, even when it often isn’t. There is certainly a vast wealth of material to draw upon regarding the supernatural, from vampires to werewolves to demons and fairies. We UF authors borrow a lot from the lore and stories of old to build our own.

I am certainly no exception to this. Deadworld has its share of ghosts and vampires, though I’ve taken a bit of a different spin on what a vampire is.  They aren’t your traditional, gothic, undead variety, because I wanted to do something different with them that would give readers a different feel. On that end, I believe I’ve succeeded to some degree. When I originally wrote Deadworld, I  had a completed story left with some dangling threads that could be picked up if a publisher decided they wanted to pursue that. Fortunately for me, they did, and I was left trying to figure out exactly where to go from there. When I sold, I had moved on to another story and had left Deadworld to sit. Now I had to develop another two books to go with the first. So, where was it going to go?

I knew there would be cases to solve, a developing relationship between Jackie and Nick, and Jackie’s continued efforts to resolve her emotional issues (she has a few of them).  Having a love for epic stories though, I wanted to incorporate a bigger, series spanning arc. I wanted it to involve the supernatural, and I had three major elements to work with: vampires, ghosts, and the “other” side or Deadworld where the ghosts reside and the vampires are inextricably connected to.  Vampires and ghosts have been used quite a bit, and even with a “fresh” spin, I didn’t feel all that excited about expanded upon them. The Deadworld though, it held possibilities. What could I do with this place, a spirit world that in some ways was a mirror of our own? If it was a place where the souls of the dead resided until they were ready to move on, what could I do with it? The first question that came to mind was, “If souls move on from here, where exactly is it they move on too?” This led me to think that if Deadworld was something of a world between, and we humans moved there when we died, what was to say that something else, from somewhere else, couldn’t access it as well?

The image of that something else came to me rather quickly, and you will see it in The Vengeful Dead, albeit in more of an introductory fashion. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t give out any more details on that, but it is the beginning of a story arc that will encompass the rest of the series, or at least the next few books, assuming I’m fortunate enough for it to get that far. This element begins to develop in book three, The Lingering Dead, and assuming I get a new contract, will really take hold in book four. This element did not come from any mythology or lore that I know of. If it is similar, it’s purely coincidental. Perhaps I’m going out on a limb in creating something out of thin air that has no basis in any supernatural history, but it’s been fun to develop, albeit difficult, because there is no base from which to work. On the plus side, I can’t get any of it “wrong.” On the negative, it might be straying too far from what is typically thought of within the urban fantasy genre. Regardless, it’s a risk worth taking and I’m having fun creating it, which as a writer, is something I find to be very important. I just hope that you all as readers will enjoy the ride.

I want to thank Lauren for having me here today, and in regard to the giveaway, if the winner of The Vengeful Dead has yet to read Deadworld, I still have some author copies and I’ll be happy to include that in the prize. Take care and happy reading everyone!

Welcome back everybody!  As you guys know, I’ve had a give away for Mike Saxton’s 7 Scorpions Rebellion running for most of the week and today lovely readers we’ve got a guest post from the author himself.  So, here we go I’ll see you guys again tomorrow with a review!

I wanted to first thank Lauren for allowing me to invade her blog. For my post, I wanted to give you all a little peak inside the head of an author: me. That might be a scary trip so make sure you’re not reading this before going to bed, otherwise, you may have nightmares. I want to give a disclaimer up front that the purpose of this is not to whine or complain. It’s simply to give you a glimpse at what not only drives me, but a number of other authors as well.


I like writing. For me, it’s a form of artistic expression, and the only artistic expression I’m capable of doing even halfway decently (I draw like a chimp, sing like a frog, dance like a 3-legged dog, and play musical instruments like a platypus). That’s why I do it. That’s why a lot of authors do it.


There are a number of people out there who have written creative works that have never seen publication. I have some myself. Matter of fact, the 7 Scorpions Trilogy was originally going to join that pile of things that I wrote just for the sake of writing. Unlike much of the other material I’ve tried my hand at; this trilogy has been a part of my life for 17 years, starting with the dreams that inspired them. I admit to having an attachment and I wanted more for it than just taking up space on a hard drive.


The publishing arena is not easy to get into and is even more challenging to remain in. There are over a quarter million books published in the United States alone every year, and that number is increasing. Over 98% of them never sell more than a hundred copies (fortunately, I passed the 100 copy mark). So for many authors, it all starts and ends with the first published book. It’s expensive, even if you’re traditionally published. It’s time consuming. Trying to market in an environment that is a veritable ocean is much like trying to go from your high school football team to the NFL.


Some of you may be aspiring writers. It is a wonderful thing. I’ve heard some people adamantly put their foot down saying that it is okay to get into this industry to make money. Personally, I feel that is one of the most unhealthy things you can do to yourself. It’s so easy to beat yourself up when you’re not making money. It’s also much easier to get frustrated and quit. For me, as I mentioned, the 7 Scorpions trilogy is important to me on a level that is beyond monetary compensation. Would I like to see it become a huge success? Of course. Does it matter to me if it doesn’t go any further than it already has? Nope. I published it because I want to share it. Because my true goal as an author is to have my work read, not make money. That doesn’t mean I’d turn my nose up to money but having cash never made me happy before, it certainly won’t now. Heck, I even had the eBook price dropped to 99 cents several months ago because I was more interested in having it read than attempting to rake in riches with my first book (or any book thereafter).

So I may never become Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Jack Higgins, Dan Brown, or any number of millionaire authors. That’s okay (in some ways, it saves a lot of trouble). I followed my dream and put something near and dear out there for the world. What the world does with it now is up to them, not me. I will accept the decision, whatever it may be.