I say this at the end of every house keeping post but, if you enjoy what I’m doing here, I have a couple of ways to toss money my way if you want to support the blog.

Current links and explanations will be on this page.

Ko-fi. This is a one time thing.  The folks behind ko-fi figured the average cost of a cup of brewed coffee at a local cafe, three dollars, and set their base donation to creatives to that.

Referral links. These are great if you were planning on treating yourself any way.

Dice Envy has really cool dice, great customer service, and they regularly introduce new sets to their inventory. If you use the code Tympest10 at checkout it’ll get you free shipping with your order.

If you’re interested in Dice Envy’s Monthly Dice boxes, you can also follow the link here. Essentially, this is the same one time deal as the regular referral links. It’s a separate link from the regular Dice Envy link because the monthly boxes are processed through Crate Joy rather than directly through Dice Envy’s site.

Skull Splitter Dice has more of a focus on metal dice sets, some of which come in nifty metal tins. They also reward first time customers with a nifty bonus item if you tell them who sent you their way.