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Running late with this. I had something important earlier in the day and just sort of checked out afterwards. It was an exciting thing, but kind of exhausting. Away from that and on to the dice, these guys are from Dice Envy, the Carina Nebulaset. Let’s roll!


These dice are sharp as all get out. The red solid red and translucent black with its included glitter and the silver inking work together so nicely. The swirling folds of red in the black give this nice sense of depth, playing into the nebula theming. It kind of makes me want to just sit and turn them in my hands, there were no bad sides on any of the individual die.

The silver inking stands out fantastically against both colors, making them easy to read. They’re nice and fairly neat, there’s no places where the paint used comes out onto the dice themselves. Though there were a couple odd places where it looked like a little extra paint had dripped into the numbers themselves. It doesn’t effect reading them and it doesn’t seem to effect the way they roll, so no real issue just interesting. I’m left curious how it got that way.


As is expected of acrylic dice, the Carina Nebula set feel nice in hand and roll enjoyably well. It almost feels like there’s a little bit of bounce to them, which is fun. They don’t seem to have favorite sides. There’s plenty of random chance to how these dice land so they should be more than fair for game night.


I would like these dice even if they didn’t roll acceptably for game night though. The Carina Nebula set is just so pretty that it makes me want to find one of those jumbo d20s in this style to add to my display set. It also makes me want to get my hands on one of the other sets that are in this same general style but different colors to see if they all turn out this well. I give them a five out of five.

I’m thinking that I would wind up using these for a spell caster of some sort, probably a sorcerer or a warlock. Something that has an inborn or traded for style of magic rather than a learned style. Maybe a character that splashed rogue in with the casting class. It’s the swirls and the glitter I think.

Back to talking about dice! These guys are another set from the Ice Cream Dice Kickstarter, Bubble Candy. Since today’s my birthday, this is going to be one of two reviews today. It’s a break in form, but I felt like having a little fun and changing things up a little. Let’s roll!

Bubble Candy 1

While pastel dice aren’t generally my thing, but I rather liked the candy vibe they gave these dice. The combination of bubble gum pink with a sort of soft blue raspberry blue works nicely.These are just as polished to a shine as the other Ice Cream Dice sets I’ve reviewed, so they catch the light quite well.

Bubble Candy 2

The white for the ink definitely stands out better in real life than it does in the pictures here. I’m not likely to re-ink these, though there are a few over filled or thin spots that I might try fixing. Nothing that should throw off the rolling though.

The Bubble Candy set feels nice in hand, if a little lighter than I’d usually expect. They roll nicely and don’t seem to have particular favorite sides. So, acceptably random for game use. And they’re pretty readily readable from the table.

Bubble Candy 3

The Ice Cream Dice Bubble Candy set gets a five out of five from me. They’re a fun color combination that reads easily from the table. They feel nice to roll. I like them quite a bit!

I feel like I would want to use these for either a neutral good cleric of some stripe or as a back up dice set for the catfolk baker fighter I want to roll up soon. Maybe as a back up set for if I wanted to copy one of the gals from my game group’s magical girl warlock. They definitely give me either patisserie or magical girl vibes, probably both.

Meeting 4

So, I can’t remember but half or so of what happened last meeting.

I talked to Jimmy during the week. He seemed to think that an exorcism could work, so he got some of the folks from the alternative religion side of the club as well as some folks from the African Students Union to help out.

We got it all set up so that we’d be ready when Viv got there. You know? Talk to her, tell her what we were planning to do, get the spirit out of her. And if that didn’t work, restrain her long enough to do the exorcism and get the spirit out anyway.

She came in looking like eight miles of bad road, like she’d been sick for weeks. Insisting that she was fine, that she would be fine, that this really wasn’t necessary. We got her in the chair. Jimmy took lead, doing most of the work for the exorcism. Louis and another guy covered the door from outside. I had it from inside.

Something happened though. Like her body warped or something, making her all gaunt and stretched looking, and there was a blast of power centered on her. Jimmy dropped to his knees, vomiting blood. She charged the door, punching me in the head hard enough it sent me to the floor. Through the guy outside. Broke Louis’ ghost zapper. Then out the doors and into the city.

Someone called for an ambulance. The cops showed up. I think I rambled about superstitions and how human beings build stories based on histories and fears to an EMT while they took me to the hospital.

Everyone should be fine. I have a little bit of a concussion from the blow to the head, but that’s all. Jimmy’s stuck in the hospital for awhile though and everyone who was there has to be tested. It looks like Consumption somehow inflicted Jimmy with TB and a pretty advanced case of it at that. He’s stable though, and should recover.  Campus will be closed for a couple weeks while everyone is in quarantine though. Got to make sure it doesn’t spread.

Apparently Skip told the cops that Viv had tweaked out or something and Matt took umbrage at the suggestion that she might have done drugs. He’s worried about how all this will affect Viv once this is all over, I think. It’s understandable. It’s understandable, but I don’t think any of us really realized how dangerous she could be while possessed. I don’t really think that Matt’s realized that yet.

Kind of a downer here, isn’t it? I’ll try to have something more positive to report next time. For now though, Note to both of you, I’m changing the header to these to “the Consumption Incident” because incident is no longer a placeholder word and things have gotten so, so much worse than expected. Hopefully I’ll be able to change it back soon and the rest of the year will just be standard ghost hunts.

1st of Spring, Year 257

I had planned on leaving this be. Not many pages left, but it seemed worth writing in it one more time future plans taken into consideration.

Things have changed a fair deal since I last used this journal. Caskfire has grown more than I would have ever expected during our first Spring. We finished digging on the fourth level just last week. I think they expect to strike magma in another level or so, so effort is being put in to prepare for construction on magma forges and an expansion of ore production.

Thanks to Rikke’s bandits and the farmers from Dunhill, we have had plenty of food to make up for our surface farms having been destroyed. Both are fans of dwarven leather goods and metal work. Both seem to be warming up to each other, given that safer roads benefit everyone and farm folk are more than willing to toss a coin or bushel of whatever might be in season for those safer roads. Not, mind, that the necromancers are all too happy about the recent harmony. They no longer have a source of Goblin corpses with the Eater of the Dead gone. And since we officially never found out that they are, in fact, necromancers there is little they can do to request a new source without revealing that they lied to us and losing the trade agreements they so desperately want to keep.

Caskfire has evolved from an expedition seeking more materials for the Mountain Home into a proper fortress.

Which makes it feel wrong to be leaving, even if I plan to return eventually. Chonck’s letter came at, I do not want to call it a good time, but at a time when my thoughts would have lead me away from Caskfire soon regardless.

With his, our, younger brother having been born Chonck seems to have figured that a dwarven tiefling will make a fine Eater of the Dead when he eventually dies. With that decided, he wants to write the tale of his grand adventure last Spring becoming the Eater of the Dead and slaying the demon Eebaku. More than that, he wants to ensure that it can be read by as many people as possible, so he is off on a quest to collect as many languages as he can so that he might write his story in as many languages as possible.

Eclair is, of course, coming along to prepare the many bodies he plans on eating to gain these languages. It seems that the elf had nothing better to do and, as for me, he figured that since Aunt Frense’ new baby is both of our brother that makes the two of us siblings as well.

I find that I do not want to argue the point.

Also, I already sent letters out to the Bards College to see if Azurei could be contacted. We might need as many voices of reason as we can lay hands on. It might also be nice to see everyone again.

The first leg to the Guga Dulum enclave should be much shorter than last time. I hear Aunt Frense visited enough that the road from the Mountain Home has been paved. Churt already approved leave for both Bearrender and I. Officially we are joining the party to seek out an artifact for the glory of Caskfire. Unofficially, I have a number of gifts for each of my companions and my room will be kept sealed until we return.

I’ve been wanting to get to talking about the dice from Ice Cream Dice’s Kickstarter last year for a while now. Just getting around to that now, but I have several of these to cover and I think I want to sprinkle them in over the next couple months.

Orange Dream 1

I had to change where I usually take my pictures for this set because the gloss on them was so high that I was losing a lot of the color in my usual location. I doubt that I would have gone for the matte option even realizing how bright the shine would be.

The orange in these is really nice, bright and satiny. The white blends well with it, though it also blends well enough with the ink on some sides that I’ll want to re-ink them at some point. I really like the look of these though.

Orange Dream 2

Per usual with acrylic dice, the Orange Dream set feels nice in had and is enjoyable to roll. They do feel a little more plastic-y than some other acrylic sets I have, I think that might be down to the high polish. I haven’t tested this set as much as some others, but the seem to roll with as much randomness as any other set I’ve had.

Orange Dream 3

I am very much a fan of the Orange Dream dice. The colors work great together. They roll nicely. And I already have a character that I plan to use them with. The set does lose a little for how close the inking is to the white of the dice, but they aren’t as hard to read as a couple of other sets that I want to re-ink. And I admit, I’m being a bit more generous with this set than I have been with others because of how excited I am to finally be getting the chance to play with the dice from this Kickstarter. Ice Cream Dice’s Orange Dream dice get a five out of five from me.

I’m doing something a little different this time, but I’ve been excited to talk about this thing for months. I’ll be doing a second Dice Charger review after the final Kickstarter edition is released as well as some comparisons between this version and the final version. This one’s thanks to Q-Workshop for inviting me to their Early Adopters program and shipping out both the charger and a sampling of their dice to go with it. Enjoy!

Early Adopter Dice Charger 1

Full disclosure as we start out, I absolutely love anything that brings novelty to my game table. More so when the novelty is benign or also excites the folks I’m playing with. Something like glow in the dark dice falls under that combination of novelty and non-distracting fun. Or it would if I had a good place to leave them to soak up light. Q-Workshop’s Dice Charger skips the need for setting dice out to “charge” by shining black lights on them as you shake them in the dice cup, resulting in the glow effect activating after just a few seconds of shaking and exposure.

Early Adopter Dice Charger 2

The Dice Charger itself is made of leather and held together with clear plastic cord. The lighting rig fits tightly in the cap and is held in place by tension, so it’s easy enough to remove but will not fall out on its own. My particular Early Adopters Dice Charger is from a second or third iteration of them so it has a couple of the improvements that Kickstarter backers had requested, importantly this means that it has an on/off switch to prevent the batteries from burning out.

Early Adopter Dice Charger 4

The black lights act very quickly, all of the dice I tested glowed quite brightly after five to ten seconds of shaking. The effect does not last a particularly long amount of time, I think most of my tests glowed for between ten and fifteen minutes, though as this is a dice cup it seems reasonable to figure that the glow in the dark effect fading quickly would be less noticeable during a longer session of game play.

I tested several sets of dice, both the assorted and the set of Q-Workshop’s Classic RPG set that were provided, as well as two sets of Chessex Nebula dice, and a set of Metalic Dice Games’ Mini GLOW dice. They all lit up quite well, though I feel I did not catch the Chessex dice at their best angles. It does seem that the Dice Charger works a little better, or at least in a shorter time, with dice that have glow in the dark inking rather than dice that are made with glow in the dark plastics. I found it quite acceptable for both though.

Which brings me to the last bit here. I admit, my impressions of Q-Workshop’s Dice Charger are a bit skewed by how much I’ve been looking forward to trying it out, but it works great even discounting that. I really like the idea of something like this even as it doesn’t have a huge amount of utility in the space my current game group meets. Though even as I say that I’m really looking forward to using it to help with future dice reviews, since sunlight is a little hard to come by around here. So, the Early Adopter edition of the Dice Charger gets a five out of five for me. It looks good, it does what it’s supposed to, and it resulted in at least two people in my Friday night group nearly blinding themselves playing with it, so the novelty score is through the roof.

I will take a moment to note, now that the review itself is done, there will be some visual differences between the Early Adopter and the Final versions of the Dice Charger. The Kickstarter did not reach the stretch goal to unlock black leather as an option, so all Final version Dice Chargers will either be white leather or a synthetic plastic option of some stripe. The finished edition will also have some differences in the imprinted design.

Hello all! I’m running a little late getting this up, sorry about that, but there were two winners for the Halloween Dice Giveaway!

Lizz Smith, you’ve won the Dice Vault.

corkedbottle, you’ve won the set of Absinthe Glow dice.

Congratulations both of you!

If you could get back to me with an email so that I can get in touch to work out getting your prizes shipped out, that would be much appreciated.

It’s getting to that time of the year when spooky things of all varieties spill out into the world. The veil between worlds thins. Scary movies are all stocked in the Red Box and on streaming services. And the local book store remembers that horror is in fact a genre. All well and good. Those things make the season all the more interesting. But they aren’t what we’re here for just now. Right?

I have a treat for you all.

Thanks to the nice folks at Dice Envy I have so many sets of dice and an awesome dice vault waiting to be won. Some of them I’ve reviewed already, others are coming up.

Let’s check them out!

From the top: Confetti Dice, Hylian Infinity d4, Magic Missile Infinity d4, Absinthe Glow Dice.

Following those lot, I’ve got a bit of a trick for you all.

Mystry Bags HGW

Mystery Dice bags! I enjoy the surprise of things like this and figured it would be fun to see if anyone wanted to give these a shot.

And, of course, the Dice Vault. This one is sandalwood and it looks fantastic!

Dice Vault HGW

How can you enter to win one of these sets of dice or the dice vault?

Simple as possible. Just follow my blog here and post a comment on this post. Tell me about what your table top group does for Halloween sessions or, if they don’t do anything like that, tell me about your favorite spooky moment in one of the games you’ve played in.

Standard stuff, I can only ship within the United States. This giveaway is going to run from when it goes live until 11:59 central time on Halloween night. So that’s one week.

Good luck!

House Keeping 9/10/19

So, I’ve been sick the past week. Like, calling out of work and class and just trying to sleep it off sick. Mostly better now, I’m just still coughing a lot and have lost my voice.

Good times.

That’s a big chunk of why nothing went to plan last week. I got hit really hard with the sick and just sort of disappeared from reality.

But I’m trying to come back now. No promises on what I’ll get done this week, I do have a fair amount of school stuff to also catch up on, but I’m hoping to finally have something out for you all.

That’s about it for this one.

Have a great rest of your week!

I’m more than a bit late on this one. I’ve been excited to talk about these though, they’re from a company that I had seen a few times on Kickstarter but never had the chance to back until this set. Little Dragon Corp is actually running another Kickstarter now, if you want to check it out. In any case, enjoy!

Bloodstone 3

This is a set of dice I was excited to back. Little Dragon Corp has run a number of Kickstarters in the past and the dice always look nice. The colors are always good. I just haven’t had the opportunity until the Hidden Gem Dice.

The color here is interesting. The set is meant to resemble bloodstone, which is dark green with flecks of red in it. The green is really pale, presumably to keep the dice transparent and let the red swirls show through. Which means that the red doesn’t stand out as much as it could, but it is still a really nice shade and it does still complement the red. The inking is well done, clear and clean and easy to read.

Bloodstone 2

As is pretty standard for acrylic dice, the Hidden Gem Dice feel nice in hand and roll well. There aren’t any bubbles in my set. I admit, I spent a while just spinning them around to look at them from different angles and play with them.

Bloodstone 1

My excitement for this set skews the score up somewhat. I really like this set and the overall theming for the rest of the Hidden Gem line. The dice feel nice. They look nice. And I find myself really wanting to roll up a dwarven character to play with them. So the Hidden Gem Bloodstone dice get a five out of five from me.