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Hey all, running late because of job hunt related stuff. Things are turning out pretty well just now. In any case, it’s time for dice. This set’s a little different from others I’ve reviewed because it’s from the Dice Envy subscription service and isn’t available for ordering yet. I lucked into a subscription before car issues ate my savings, so I’m planning on reviewing the monthly set until the subscription runs out. Enjoy!

Cyclone 1

The Dice Envy Cyclone Dice set is an interesting thing for me. I’ve never done much with metal dice before this set. Ease of use on getting other materials and all that. Now, something that’s just really cool for me is that the mold on these is split between the Sixteen Candles set and the Oathkeeper’s Armor set. It makes for a fantastic design clash. The difference in the blue of the Oathkeeper’s sides and the purple and teal of the Sixteen Candles sides works really well for that.

These dice are super heavy compared to acrylic or resin sets. It’s a nice difference and makes them feel much different. Admittedly that’s kind of an obvious thing to note, but it’s still pretty nice.

Cyclone 2

I do admit that the weight is part of why I haven’t tested these as much as I usually do. I don’t currently have a dice tray and didn’t want to risk damaging my table. Four of the points on the d8, in particular, are very pointy. They still seem to roll just fine, from what I tested they don’t seem to get hung up on numbers. The big exception to this is the d4, it was miscast, but Dice Envy is already aware of that and is replacing that dice with the next month’s set.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Cyclone dice set. They’re something very different from anything else in my collection and, while I don’t have any particular plans for a character for them, I look forward to trying them out. Just for the niftiness of design and that I’ve enjoyed what testing I’ve been able to do with them enough to be planning for finding a dice tray, the Cyclone dice get a five out of five.


Summer Fey Dice Set

Running late, running late, but at least running. Here’s two sets of dice that’re two of a kind. Enjoy!

Summer Fey 1

So, this week’s a bit interesting. When I opened the sets of mystery dice I usually use for a couple of my reviews per month I found that both were from the Summer Fey set, just in different colors. It’s actually kind of fantastic for me because it makes for some awesome comparisons.

The Summer Fey set has sparkly bits in it, much like the Kosmos dice, but finer. Less like glitter and more like pixie dust. Depending on how it catches the light, the sparkles can seem either golden or a pinky purple, which complements the orange nicely and clashes with the green in a way that makes it feel fresher somehow. I think I prefer the green for that, but they’re both quite nice.

As to how they roll and feel, both sets are pretty nice there too. They don’t get caught on numbers. They do feel a little lighter than I’m used to, but not uncomfortably so. There was a little bit of a casting error on the orange d4, nothing major, but notable none the less. A last thing, the inking is a little thin, this is more noticeable on the green than the orange.

So, overall, the Summer Fey dice are pretty nice and I would happily get the pink set as well. So, barring the casting issue, they get a five out of five from me. Things like that occasionally happen and I’m sure I’d be more worried about it if I used d4 more. I’m also certain that if I contacted Dice Envy about it they would do something to fix it.

Magic Missile Infinity D4

Running late this week, but I’m doing something a little different this time. When it comes to dice, standard d4 are probably my least favorite. They’re odd little caltrops of dice that function fine but just don’t quite work for me. So of course I wanted to check out Dice Envy’s Infinity d4, and since they have a fantastic sale on a set of the Magic Missile Infinity d4 this seemed like the time to give them a try. Enjoy!

Magic Missile id4 1

I’m not super sure how to talk about this set exactly, but I do like them quite a bit. The dark blue and gold is a pretty standard color pairing that works really well together. I like the way the magic missiles are engraved into the dice rather than painted on. Both the decoration and the numbers are fairly deeply engraved and have awesome visibility.

Now, the big thing with these dice is that they aren’t standard d4. Obviously. A standard d4 is, of course, a sort of pyramid with the numbers assigned to each angle. I’m not a huge fan though I’d be hard pressed to say why exactly, I think part of it might just be that they aren’t as satisfying to roll as other dice. That’s not a problem with the infinity d4 because they roll a lot like a d6 and just feel nice to roll.

Magic Misslie id4 2

I like how clear the numbering is on these, even with the decorations, they’re super easy to read. I like how they feel in the hand and just enjoy rolling them. This is a set of one single type of dice that makes me want to find an excuse to use them, like I found myself wondering what kind of character I could use these for while I was playing with them for the review. For the feel of them and the novelty of how they’re shaped, the Magic Missile Infinity d4 get a five out of five.

So, just yesterday Dice Envy posted up a thing on their blog talking about how they plan on dealing with the fear of missing out effect of limited edition dice. Essentially, they’ve chosen to reprint their limited edition dice so that people who missed out the first time around don’t have to worry as much. Just ask for an alert to when they’ll be available again so Dice Envy can gauge interest.

That means that if you wanted the recent Frost Dice, you can hit a button and get an email alert when they’re available again. Either set of the Healer’s Edition infinity d4? The ever out of stock Alpha Dice?¬† Same deal.

It’s a really cool idea that I hope other dice shops pick up as well. So, the best thing to do is to encourage them on this. Give it a read and let them know how cool their approach to this is at the post itself.

I might be having trouble getting a book review done but dice? Dice are easy to talk about. This set is an interesting example, they aren’t on Dice Envy’s site on their own just yet. So I’ve been waiting to talk about them to see if they’d go up so I could grab the name for use here. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. In any case, enjoy!

Confection Dice 1

So, a lot of the dice I review here come from the Dice Envy Mystery Acrylic Dice bags, largely because of the affordability. I also just like the element of surprise that comes with them. Usually the sets that come in the mystery bags are already on their site. Not so with the Confection dice, that’s just the name I’ve been using for them because it feels like a good fit.

The layered effect is nifty, this is actually the first set I’ve gotten like that. It does pose an interesting issue, that the fully pink sides can be a little hard to read in bright light. Kind of the opposite of my usual problem with reading dice. The purple and layered sides don’t have this issue though.

Confection Dice 2

As usual with Dice Envy acrylic dice, this set rolls fine. No signs of them getting caught on numbers or anything like that. The paint job on the numbers is well done, with few to no thin spots.

This is a set of dice that, as soon as I saw them, I associated with both a character type and a specific character. From the pastel colors to the velvety shine these are so, so very much magical girl dice. Specifically, this set makes me think of the celestial warlock baker one of the players in my game group is running for our current campaign. So, of course that immediately makes me like them. Five out of five and can some one please make candy dice that look like this?

21st of Spring, Year 256

In light of the recent Goblin attack, information gathered from our new captive, and general sense given our current situation, the day was spent having an impromptu tournament.

Chonck wanted to spar with the elf and it spiraled out a bit from there.

Never let it be said that I don’t want to see the elf get hit, but I could have told them that Churt was going to win as soon as she agreed to join in. Dwarven heavy infantry is nothing to joke about, especially when they’re in full stone armor.

Not sure that we learned much of anything from this.

Chonck gave a fair effort against Churt in the first round and beat the elf to take third place. Azurei can sprout wings at will, something of a shared trait for Azamaar I think. Chonck has responded to this by insistently calling her a “ghost bird person” in much the same vein that he refers to me as a “devil person” and Eclair a “child”. Regardless, she did a good job against the elf and as well as could be expected against Churt.

I suspect that we’ll be requesting a number of the heavy infantry dwarves to help deal with the Yoyabo pits now that the party has seen what they can do. So at least that came out of this. That and some new armor requisitions.

Going to need to remember to also request a more solid lock for my room’s door. Chonck refers to people with descriptors because he doesn’t know better. The elf, uncaring and a pain as ever, uses Chonck’s descriptors and argues for using them with the people they describe to the point of making Azurei uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, to the point of frustrating me enough to finally attack her. I aimed for her knee, but apparently the previous two fights had taken more out of the elf than I expected.

I’ve been doing my best to rein this in, my temper isn’t usually this bad, but it wasn’t enough.

Churt is the expedition leader and I should have brought this up with her before acting myself. The elf clearly has no respect for anyone in the fortress and I’m concerned that that will become a problem for more than just me. As it is, that’s something less immidiate than the new lock, given that after being seen to by Eclair the elf suggested that she would likely kill me in my sleep.

That’s one thing I believe her on. Ability or not, I’m sure that the elf will make the attempt. That doesn’t mean I’m going to make it easy for her or lose sleep over it.

Late with this, but so excited for it. I feel like I need a tag for dice from Kickstarter. Probably going to go ahead and add that, since I’ve got more coming up later in the year.

Icy Everglades 1

These guys are the Metallic Dice Games Icy Everglades Unicorn dice, plus a Kickstarter exclusive logo d6. Now, these dice combine three things that I’m starting to find I really like in dice sets. They’ve got a fantastic vibrant green color that’s slightly muted by the acrylic and the sparklies. The sparkling bits are super fine and show up from just about any angle on their sides, but the color reflects differently depending on which side you’re looking at. And, the semi-translucent aspect of them with the swirls of green and the clear acrylic makes for some really fantastic play of light and color peak through makes each dice seem more suffused with color than the swirls would normally afford them.

They also feel really nice. The numbers are engraved reasonably deeply and the paint job is, largely, fantastic. The set is bright and easily readable and honestly just looks really nice.

Icy Everglades 2

Now, another bonus from the clear acrylic is that it’s easy to see that there aren’t any bubbles to throw off the balance. And the set does roll fantastically. They feel good in the hand too.

So, this is decidedly a set that I’m a fan of. I’m actually planning on getting a couple more of the Unicorn sets later on because of how much I like these. The only real question I’m left with is whether I’m going to use them for a druid or a cleric. Dual classing is always an option, right?

I’m down to the wire on getting this posted on Saturday. Sorry about that, I scheduled badly.

But! Here’s the important part! I’ve got two winners for the dice giveaway.

Goldiefc8, you’ve won the Confetti Dice.

drakedourden, you’ve won the Tombstone Bone dice.

Congratulations to both of you!

Shoot me a message in the next few days with a way to get in touch with you and I’ll get your new dice on the way!

20th of Spring, Year 256

I would have liked to have left the Goblin issue until we knew how the situation with the Black Hand and Whitehall was going to work out. I would have liked that, but here we are.

A force of Goblins attacked the surface farms. By the time we were alerted and the militia was formed up and ready, the fields were on fire and the Goblin forces were advancing. The farms are, for the time being, mostly a loss. We can replant and the food we get from our trade partners and the mushroom farms will hold us. Well, will hold us at least until we can get the surface farms operating again.

The Goblin attack force was thoroughly routed. Between the adventurers and the militia, most of them were dealt with before they could react. Eclair, Chonck, and I followed the ones that managed to retreat. Albeit, we followed them separately and with no planning. Something to work on later perhaps. Regardless, I managed to track them to a hidden tunnel and flagged down Eclair. She wiped out the lot of them. With any luck, we also destroyed any supplies they were using.

There was, it turns out, a survivor back in the fields. One of the Goblins caught in the back swing of one of Chonck’s attacks was knocked out and away from the battle.

From what I understand, she speaks common and went willingly with the guards. Importantly, that might mean that we can get more information out of her than the last one. A healthy, calm Goblin has to be easier to deal with than a panicked or injured one. I hope.

Give that the storage room we’d been keeping the other captive Goblin in is still a mess after it died, this one will be staying in the library room. It’s cleaner and largely unused, since Chonck keeps all the books with him. Maybe if she speaks common she can read it too. That would be helpful, have another way to keep Chonck distracted when we aren’t adventuring.

Brimstone Dice

Running a little late today. This set is a Dice Envy exclusive and thanks to Dice Envy. Enjoy!

Brimstone 1

So, the Brimstone dice set is one that I’ve had my eye on for a while because they just look delightfully ridiculous. I mean, these are black dice with red flame patterns on them. It’s great in a way that reminds me strongly of doodling stick figure battles in my school notebooks. So, fun in concept and a well balanced set of dice in practice.

Something that I land on with this set of dice though is that the font for the numbers isn’t very good. A lot of the numbers have flourishes¬† or extra filled in bits that can make them look like they’ve been engraved in upside down. This can, of course, make the dice a little hard to read, especially the d20 due to its smaller sides.

Brimstone 2

The numbers and designs on the dice are also, largely, shallowly engraved. The shallow engraving is likely to maintain balance with the odd font. The paint job on my set is also a little messy, particularly on the d6, and thin in places. Neither of those is an immediate problem, but they do detract from the over all appearance of the set. A brighter red might help with the visibility of the numbers.

This is a set that I like pretty well. It greatly amused my entire game group, to the point that our current DM wants to roll up an anti-paladin based on them. But the font and shallow engraving take away from it some. The set gets a three out of five from me for those two things. It isn’t a bad set and I certainly had fun rolling them around for testing them, but I do feel like they’re limited in their active use.