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Monday again, and that means I get to talk about dice. This set has a kind of funky name and a gloriously glimery aesthetic, it’s Dice Envy’s Happy Birthday, Katie! dice set. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Katie 1

My adoration of sparkly things is, at this point, well beyond well documented. I like dice with colorful glitter in them. I like dice with nifty inclusions in them. I like dice with interesting color combinations. These have all of the above. The Happy Birthday, Katie! dice set are split between one side that has clear blue acrylic and star shaped confetti and the other side that is absolutely packed with purple micro glitter. The pairing really shouldn’t work together, but the effect is really fun.

The inking is, per standard, well done. I didn’t see any thin parts or over filled places and the silver ink is readily visible regardless of which side of the dice comes up.

Happy Birthday Katie 3

Rolling the dice feels nice. There don’t seem to be any places where the confetti sticks out. Despite having what seems like two very different sets of inclusions, none of the dice in my set have major bubbles visible. The d10 did have a few very small ones, but that does not seem to have effected how it rolls just based on my testing. None of the other dice showed favorite sides either.

Happy Birthday Katie 2

Which brings me to this bit.This is a dice set that makes me think about the Jem and the Holograms comics and the fun of sharing terrible 80’s video clips with my friends. It’s bright and happy looking and rolls well. The part of me that says good enough is good enough gives the Happy Birthday, Katie! dice set a five out of five. But, given that there were bubbles on the d10, regardless of how minor, I’m going to bump it down to a four out of five and suggest giving your set a look over and a few test rolls for these.

As to what sort of character I would use these for, I’m split between wanting to just roll up one of the Holograms as a bard and wanting to use the incredibly sparkly dice for just the dourest basic fighter I can work up. The more I think the more I lean towards the bard, never played one before so I might as well give it a try.

Dice Envy Mask Drive

Just a quick thing because I think this is nifty as all get out and deserves to be spread.

Save a Life: N95 Mask Drive

Dice Envy is doing a drive for the N95 Masks that so many hospitals need right now. They have a supplier that they can get them from and they’re going to donate them to the Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California.

As cool as that is, they’re going a step further with it. If your local hospital is accepting donations you can send their contact information to Dice Envy and they will consider them. There’s more information on the drive’s page here.

Edit: The shipping issue has been fixed!

So I’ve been sitting on what I want to call the in character notes for this campaign. It’s been a bit difficult to find a good, or at least catchy, name for it but I can’t let myself just keep sitting on it like this. So for now I think I’m going to call it something like Raven’s Notes on the Seattle Incident or something like that. Maybe something about it being about the college’s Occult Club itself. Things to think on for the next week, right?

The concept of this particular campaign is that the characters are all members of the Seattle University Occult Club, there for one reason or another to learn more about the occult or ghosts or just things that go bump in the night in general.

It’s 2010, technology is making huge leaps but isn’t quite where we’re used to today. So the characters can’t just look things up on their phones.

All of the characters are mortal humans, though the GM is letting us use the Second Sight book and the Armory book, for low level psychic powers, mortal magics, and any equipment a college student might be able to get their hands on. So the characters aren’t locked into being just vanilla humans or entirely helpless.

This leaves us with, aside from the GM’s characters:

Louis, the jittery tech wiz who can see ghosts and is terrified of them.

Skip, the photographer and skeptic here for hanging out and maybe getting some nice pictures.

And, of course, Raven, the witch who will one day be a re-occuring side character in the previous World of Darkness campaigns. Also the character I’m playing.

I’m pretty sure that the conceit I’m going with for writing these is that my character, Raven, is writing back to the other two  members of the Birmingham Supernaturalists circa 2010 about what’s going on. While Saul and Ron  BS also re-occuring side characters in previous World of Darkness campaigns they won’t actually be showing up here, though Raven may make reference to prior adventures with them.

It’s actually kind of interesting the more I think about it because this predates the entire rest of the Birmingham Saga, so I find myself wondering how that might be written to retroactively affect things. Probably not something I’ll wind up doing anything with, but still fun to think on.

If anyone has any questions about this or comments, feel free to ask. I’m planning on having these posted regularly starting next Thursday and on through until the campaign ends.

Not going to lie, I’ve been wanting to find a good time to talk about this set since my Aunt got them for me for Christmas. Chessex’s Lab Dice continue to interest me as a concept, so I’m likely to keep talking about them any time I get my hands on a set. Let’s talk about dice!

Nebula Spring Lab 1

The Nebula Spring White Lab Dice have a clear base with various greens and yellows swirled in, giving each set a fair variety of colors between the dice. There is enough cross over between the colors that none of the dice feel out of place though. I quite like the effect of it, there’s something that feels organic in the differences. The effect also meant that the glow in the dark inclusions didn’t feel like distractions so much as just another part of the overall pattern.

Which reminds me. The Nebula line of Chessex dice glow in the dark, but in little fragmented bits rather than the whole dice or the inking glowing. It’s a really cool effect that leaves the set looking like little star fields when the lights are out. It’s something I’ve found myself keeping an eye out for since finding my first set of Nebula dice.

Nebula Spring Lab 2

There were a few places where the inking was thin or not fully filled in. Which is an easy enough fix, though one that I admit I’ve gotten used to not needing to deal with. That said, the white ink is nicely visible against both the clear parts and the various greens and yellows. It works nicely.

The glow in the dark inclusions do not seem to throw off the dice’s balance in any meaningful way. They all roll nicely and seem reasonably random, I did not notice any of them having favorite numbers anyway. And, of course, they feel nice in hand.

And we come to the ending. I like this set of dice a lot, from the look of them to the glowing to the very concept of the Lab Dice. There are places where the inking isn’t as well done as it could be, but it isn’t anything distracting or difficult to fix. So, the Nebula Spring White Lab Dice get a five out of five from me. They aren’t perfect, but they make me happy and that makes up for it.

As to what kind of character I would want to use these for, it almost has to be a druid. Or maybe a fae bloodline sorcerer. I definitely lean towards druid for these, possibly gnomish due to the glow in the dark effects. It’s just that little bit out of what you’d otherwise expect that it feels right for that.

Lich Slap

Working on my grand return by talking about shiny math rocks. These guys are from Dice Envy, the Lich Slap set. I have grabby hands for sparkly blue dice, so on to the review!

Lich Slap 1

The Lich Slap set of dice follows the same combination of a solid color acrylic and an acrylic colored with micro glitter as the Vibe Check set. In this case, blue with purple micro glitter. The blend works really well here, the blue being clear allows the glitter to peak through even on sides where it isn’t directly present. The effect isn’t subtle in the least, which is the exact opposite of a problem. The couple of dice in the set that are mostly purple rather than mostly blue still feel like they belong to the same set as the mostly blue dice.

The inking is, as usual, well done. The white shows up nicely against both the blue and the purple glitter, leaving it nice and visible on the table. There also weren’t any thin spots that I noticed or places where the ink went over.

Lich Slap 2

Per usual for acrylic dice the Lich Slap set feel nice in hand and roll well. They feel satisfying to roll, both as a unit and as single dice. I didn’t see any evidence of bubbles or voids, and the dice don’t seem to have favorite sides.

Lich Slap 3

It does feel increasingly like this part could be safely left out. But I quite like this set of dice. They look nice, they feel nice, and they roll nicely. I would very much like to see more dice like this, the colors are complementary and blend nicely. So Dice Envy’s Lich Slap dice set gets a five out of five from me.

I have a bit of a hard time deciding what kind of character I would use these for. Possibly some kind of sorcerous rogue or, if I went with the idea I’d had to re-ink them in a copper or brass color, an artificer of some stripe. It’s fun to consider.

So, both of my current game nights are running World of Darkness campaigns I was hoping to review a set of d10s. By a strange stroke of luck, I had forgotten that my set of Schubert’s Sherbet dice was a d10 set. Unfortunately there aren’t going to be full d10 sets of Ice Cream Dice, because that’s a bit niche, but it still gives a good feel for the dice’s quality. Let’s go!

Schubert's Sherbet 1

The colors on these dice are nice and vibrant with only a few spots of bleed through, few of which are noticeable from any distance. I love how well the colors work together, if it was just that bold magenta and the sort of soft minty green it would feel jarring. But then the yellow is bright enough to hold up next to the magenta without being so bright that it over powers the green. I really wish I had gotten better pictures of these dice to show that off. The manufacturer was not joking when they called these glossy. I am sure that part of this is just a matter of my camera, while the dice do have a lovely shine they aren’t nearly that reflective in real life.

The inking on these is also really nice. My set didn’t have any noticeable thin spots and the white shows up nicely against all three colors without affecting the aesthetic of the set too much.

Schubert's Sherbet 2

Having used these in game I can say for certain that they feel satisfying to roll. I’m sure that part of it is just how much I enjoy World of Darkness, but there is something that just feels great about rolling a handful of d10. They don’t seem to have any preferred sides, so I got about as many success rolls as would be statistically expected.

Schubert's Sherbet 3

I like the Schubert’s Sherbet set really well. The colors are vibrant. They feel nice. And there’s just something about them, possibly more that I’m getting to use them right off in a fairly non-standard game, that makes me happy. Ice Cream Dice’s Schubert’s Sherbet dice get a five out of five from me.

I’m actually using my set for a sort of prequel version of one of the NPCs from the Birmingham Saga, Raven the witch/Mage/a quest giver of some importance/the spider shifter’s grumpy goth girlfriend. She’s far from home, far from her friends, and generally a grumpy little ray of moonlight. So, not necessarily what I’d usually call a perfect fit for the dice, but I like the contrast between the character and the dice I’m using and it feels a little like an in character reflection of the person under the persona.

1st of Spring, Year 257

I had planned on leaving this be. Not many pages left, but it seemed worth writing in it one more time future plans taken into consideration.

Things have changed a fair deal since I last used this journal. Caskfire has grown more than I would have ever expected during our first Spring. We finished digging on the fourth level just last week. I think they expect to strike magma in another level or so, so effort is being put in to prepare for construction on magma forges and an expansion of ore production.

Thanks to Rikke’s bandits and the farmers from Dunhill, we have had plenty of food to make up for our surface farms having been destroyed. Both are fans of dwarven leather goods and metal work. Both seem to be warming up to each other, given that safer roads benefit everyone and farm folk are more than willing to toss a coin or bushel of whatever might be in season for those safer roads. Not, mind, that the necromancers are all too happy about the recent harmony. They no longer have a source of Goblin corpses with the Eater of the Dead gone. And since we officially never found out that they are, in fact, necromancers there is little they can do to request a new source without revealing that they lied to us and losing the trade agreements they so desperately want to keep.

Caskfire has evolved from an expedition seeking more materials for the Mountain Home into a proper fortress.

Which makes it feel wrong to be leaving, even if I plan to return eventually. Chonck’s letter came at, I do not want to call it a good time, but at a time when my thoughts would have lead me away from Caskfire soon regardless.

With his, our, younger brother having been born Chonck seems to have figured that a dwarven tiefling will make a fine Eater of the Dead when he eventually dies. With that decided, he wants to write the tale of his grand adventure last Spring becoming the Eater of the Dead and slaying the demon Eebaku. More than that, he wants to ensure that it can be read by as many people as possible, so he is off on a quest to collect as many languages as he can so that he might write his story in as many languages as possible.

Eclair is, of course, coming along to prepare the many bodies he plans on eating to gain these languages. It seems that the elf had nothing better to do and, as for me, he figured that since Aunt Frense’ new baby is both of our brother that makes the two of us siblings as well.

I find that I do not want to argue the point.

Also, I already sent letters out to the Bards College to see if Azurei could be contacted. We might need as many voices of reason as we can lay hands on. It might also be nice to see everyone again.

The first leg to the Guga Dulum enclave should be much shorter than last time. I hear Aunt Frense visited enough that the road from the Mountain Home has been paved. Churt already approved leave for both Bearrender and I. Officially we are joining the party to seek out an artifact for the glory of Caskfire. Unofficially, I have a number of gifts for each of my companions and my room will be kept sealed until we return.

89th of Spring, Year 256

As it turns out, Chonck ignored instructions and ate one of the embers from Eebaku’s death. I confess, that was not unexpected. It did turn out better than expected. It would seem that being trapped in Chonck’s head with all the other souls has rendered Eebaku incapable of rebuilding himself in a demonic plane and eventually returning.

Clean up has been finished, mostly, repairs will take a little longer but nothing seems permanently damaged.

The Sunsets left yesterday. The elf, Eclair, and Chonck are planning to head back to the Guga Dulum enclave tomorrow. I am, I admit, glad to have another day to visit with them before they go back into the mountains.

Waiting for Churt to write a writ of passage and letter recommending that Eclair’s sentence for disrupting the peace be considered served given her service in the protection of Caskfire is certainly a portion of why their stay is extended. All contingent, of course, on Eclair not providing a repeat performance. There might not be anyone willing to stuff her in a bag this trip. But I still appreciate the time.

It will be quiet once they have left.

Even more so in a week or so when Azurei leaves as well. She mentioned returning to White Hall to offer the young bard there more mentorship if he wanted to continue learning. Beyond that, it seems she is set on returning to adventuring.

When she does leave, the guardsdwarves are seeing to it that she knows as many drinking songs as they can collectively remember. If she gives them long enough by the time she leaves she will be able to sing the full history of the Boatmurdered clan.

That would be greatly entertaining to hear out in the wider world.

Churt is already drafting requests for new adventurers to fill their posts. There have been multiple suggestions that Bearrender be given one of the appointments. I am only responsible for three of them.

Vibe Check Dice

I am later on this than I would have liked to be. Things have been wild recently and I do not know when they will slow down. But I’m doing what I can as I can. Today though, I’m here to talk about dice. Specifically Dice Envy’s Vibe Check dice because I like sparkly things. Also, Dice Envy has a coupon active right now, FEBRUARYCURSE, that will net you 25% off your next order. But on to the dice!

Vibe Check 1

So, Vibe Check is definitely a set of dice where what you get can vary greatly from the display set pictured on the site. The set there has a much more even split of the sparkly peach color and the yellow-green. This is, for people who are me, kind of a cool example of how the acrylic pouring process works. But I also think that the colors work much better either blended more evenly or dominated by the sparkles. That said, I am certain that if my set had been mostly the yellow-green with a largely peachy d20 I would be saying the same thing in reverse.

Vibe Check 2

As ever, I am a massive fan of sparkly things and the peach works really nicely here. Also, while the gold ink does work better with the peach it is nicely visible on the yellow-green as well. That isn’t as obvious as I would like in these pictures, but it is nicely visible. No obvious thin spots. Just all around well inked.

The Vibe Check dice set also, as expected for acrylic dice, feel nice in the hand and roll well. There don’t seem to be any bubbles in my set, since the dice don’t seem to have favorite sides. Yeah, just in general these are enjoyable to roll.

Vibe Check 3

I am at a bit of a stand still on how to rate this set. With exception to the d20 having such a wildly different blend of the two colors I really like the look of the Vibe Check set that I got. It isn’t quite what was advertised, but that is somewhat to be expected when a set is a blend of two acrylics. That’s the thing I keep coming back to. I think this set, rather than the Vibe Check dice as a whole, gets a four out of five from me. If Dice Envy added these to the al a carte dice and I was able to order a d20 that might better match the rest of the set it would probably bump up to a full five out of five. I’ll just have to wait and see on that though.

87th of Spring, Year 256

Eebaku’s army arrived this morning, a hoard of Goblins so large it blanketed the areas we had cleared for farming and reached out into the forests.

He asked if we had considered his offer. Would we join his empire?

I let him know how little I cared for being lied to before invoking Maia. Eebaku’s horror as the demon Maia flung a great number of fireballs into his army was delicious. Even more so his fear when Maia summoned a flaming whip to ensnare him leaving him for the party to do as we would.

Chonck had re-enforced his maul with the complete History of Fish set. When it hit Eebaku, knocking out teeth and showing that he could be harmed I knew that we had won. I knew that I could harm him with the Eater of the Dead’s Fangs.

It was more satisfying to stab out his eyes than it should have been. Even more so to tell him he could keep his tongue so that he could scream. Probably not the best thing to have done, looking back, but I let my anger catch up to me.

After that is something of a blur. I left Chonck and Eclair to deal with Eebaku and joined the rest of the party and the guardsdwarves in dealing with his army. They broke nearly as soon as their leader was injured. The few most loyal who stayed still ran after he finally died.

I do not like to say that it was a clean battle. Tomorrow we will mourn our lost and begin repairs. Tonight we celebrate the victory.