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Not Even a Proper Meeting

Not sure how effective it’ll actually be, given that spirits are ephemera rather than solid, but I found a gym that offers boxing classes. If nothing else I feel a little better about if we ever have to fight a possessed person again.

And it fills the time.

Keeps my mind off the fact that we let a couple of heavily TB infected Uratha wonder back into Pearly Oaks where vulnerable humans live nice and crammed close together. Which I didn’t even think of after the fight and we would have never learned about if Skip and I hadn’t headed over to see if we could learn more from them. So many people getting sick while Brook and _ had recovered completely.

Even more than Brook vibrating after drinking anything with caffeine in it or having seen their wolf forms running off after the fight, that really drives home how not human the Uratha are. Which adds an extra flavor of weird to Alpha Storm seeming interested in Viv’s health but not seeming to care at all what had happened to Louis. Not sure what’s going on there.

Brook asked if Louis was doing better. Maybe the others just seem odd by comparison to her since we interact with her more than the rest of them?

I suggested that maybe we should meet somewhere else where there was less of a risk of anyone getting infected but all anyone would say to that was that they were too busy keeping order at Pearly Oaks for anyone to leave. Didn’t seem too orderly to me, but who am I to say? Maybe Storm figures that with Consumption out of Viv it isn’t our business anymore. Maybe he figures that they don’t need us anymore. He’s wrong on either count but I’ve seen people be more stubborn over dumber things.

I’m not going to go risk getting infected to try and learn things they don’t want to teach me. I can always hit up the forums that I first found the First Speak in.

Which I have since then, of course, there’s an item that might help us keep tracking Consumption, the Judge’s Eye, it seems like it should be some kind of lens for scrying through. It’s smoked with an incense that I’m just not familiar with the ingredients for. Not sure if that’s a matter of it being common things with names that the Uratha use that just don’t translate well or if they’re something completely new that I’ve just never heard of. Google isn’t any help either way because of the First Speak. It also mentioned needing a “gift of essence” as part of its crafting and needing to be smoked in the incense beyond the Gauntlet. I’m assuming that the Gauntlet and the veil are the same thing, which might be dangerous, but the context seems to bear that out. Talking to Viv about it, “essence” is what Consumption called the stuff it took from ghosts. Might be some kind of needed sacrifice?

Both of those leave me with no clear idea of how to continue. I’m sure there’s a way to get the essence for this, but I’m not sure what it is or if it needs to be freely given to qualify as a “gift”. Likewise, for this thing to exist and have as much information available as it did, there has to be a way to cross the Gauntlet or veil or whatever you want to call it, do the ritual, and come back all while still alive.

When I talked to Jimmy about it he thought it might be more trouble than it’s worth, that maybe I should go back to working on that spell to see spirits. That would work for me, but only for me. The Eye should work for anyone who uses it.

At any rate, Jimmy’s running a class tonight with some of the other more experienced magic users in the alternate religion side of the club about warding and spiritual protections. He invited me to come help and I think that Skip and Matt are coming too. I might have more to add on that later.

House Keeping 7/7/20

So, I finally found a job. Pretty sure I mentioned that last time, but it’s finally sinking in that I am once again employed. Not the worst feeling ever.

I’ve also fallen behind again.

No worries, dice review is coming up on Friday, we’ll see if I can’t get this thing in order once again. Book review should be up sometime tomorrow. “Consumption Incident” post should be up Thursday.

Then I get to start plotting the next few weeks because fun things are coming.

Fun things like a first book from a writer I’m really excited about and Sailor Moon themed dice. Things that make me happy to think about and that I hope you all enjoy seeing me yammer on about.

This week is a short one, I don’t have much to worry over or any serious complaints.

I do want to mention, there’s a retail blackout planned today. Blackout Day 2020, it’s an economic protest of racial inequity in America, the idea being to not spend any money today. If you absolutely have to buy something, go for a local black owned business and support them instead of the big boxes. It feels very worth supporting.

That’s about it. Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a great rest of the week!

House Keeping 6/30/20

Little bit of a head ache today, I haven’t gotten much of anything done as a result.

I had a job interview yesterday. It went really well and I go back later this week to fill out papers and, hopefully, find out when I start.

Book review should be up tomorrow. I have a fair idea of what I need to do with it and the skeleton down, just need to finish it.

“Consumption Incident” post is good to go live Thursday morning. I’m working on getting more of those posts worked up, it’s been being a lot of fun to go back and work on these.

This is a short one, that’s about it.

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House Keeping 6/23/20

So, no dice review yesterday, I wound up working on a couple of life things and playing a video game to distract myself a little. We live in interesting times. And the longer times stay interesting the more I understand why that used to be a curse.

I got things done though. Even if they weren’t things for here.

Crocheting is going well, I’ll probably have at least this blanket done by the time the pandemic lets up. The next one’s going to be hair pin lace and Red Heart’s Neon Stripe, so it’ll wind up with blocks of bright colors and black. It’ll also show cat hair like no one’s business, but that’s just how things go some times.

I am probably going to wind up postponing the book review again. I’ve been reading a book for way later in the year because it just sounded that enjoyable but the peace of just sitting and reading continues to elude me. So it’s been slow going as I keep getting up to see if something that needs my attention has magically materialized while I wasn’t looking. It’s like going back to the refrigerator to see if something you want to eat’s shown up but somehow worse.

Aiming not to postpone the “Consumption Incident” post again. Been picking away at notes for that, just need to do one fell swoop and get them all down and collected and then get to work. One of those things that isn’t going to be nearly as bad as I’m making it once I actually force myself to get it done.

Dice review should be out Friday. For real this time.

And that’s about it for this one. It’s been a weird, at minimum, Summer for everyone so I appreciate you all sticking around.

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. Ask me about the blanket I’m working on or what possessed me to start reading a book I can’t review for months yet. That kind of deal. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi or you can treat yourself to a set of glorious math rocks over at Dice Envy. Either one helps a lot. In either case though, in any case, stay safe and have a great rest of the week!

Postponement Funtimes

I sort of fell off the world the last couple days.

My laptop has the word file for the “Consumption Incident” posts and has decided to not want to function as it should. It should be fine in a couple days, I’m just going to go ahead and take the pen and paper notes so that I don’t have to fight with the program we use once my laptop is ready to function again.

Dice review is postponed because I sorted through my whole collection last night  and now everything is kind of scattered about. It’ll happen Monday as regularly scheduled instead of tonight.

Sorry all.

I’ve been talking a lot about getting things done and then having nothing to show for it lately, haven’t I? Sad thing is that all I can say on that is that I’m sorry and I’m working on it. Both are true, they’re just also both things I’ve said what feels like a hundred times before.

There’s so much I want to do and, with things like the recent protests, things I want to help with in anyway I can. It’s draining to realize how little I can do. To see what other people are doing to help their neighbors and find myself wanting by comparison.

I’m so tired of applying for jobs that ultimately come to nothing that I got legitimately angry while applying for what seems to be a job I have a decent chance of landing. I’m tired of trying and never seeing anything come from it but even more tired of the feeling of helplessness that comes from that. Right now, it feels like I’m treading water and looking for any sign of land, or walking in circles on circles on circles.

I’m going to keep treading, keep putting one foot in front of the other, but it would be really nice if I had somewhere to go. I’m definitely going to keep going though, I’ve been through this song and dance before and my brain hasn’t managed to get rid of me yet.

I’m tired of feeling all doom and gloom, but it did feel like I needed to say all of that. I finished the book I wanted to review last week. I’ve requested several books that I really want to read for reviews later in the year, some of which I’ve even heard back about. My current crafting project is coming along alright, even with yarn being a little hard to track down just now. My little corner of existence isn’t nearly as bad as it can feel. But I think I needed to talk about the things that were bothering me before I could talk about the good stuff.

Or the stuff for the blog.

As said, I’ve finished reading the book for this week’s review. I’m not sure how good the review will be due to several semi-related things, but it’ll be nice to get it written. My plan for tomorrow is to work on “Consumption Incident” things. My working on that just kind of fizzled out last week because of frustrations, one of which I know I can fix via pen and paper notes. Hopefully the other stuff will fall in line after that, if not I’ll just post pictures of my crocheting when I have to postpone it again. Dice review will be Friday. I’ve got several sets I want to talk about over the next few weeks, it’s just a matter of deciding which to tackle first and seeing when a couple things are going to arrive.

A quick apology for the existential crisis barf and that’s about it.

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House Keeping 6/9/20

It’s been raining a lot here. It’s good for my garden, but I kind of wish that it would cool things down a little too. Hard to go out for a walk when I feel like I’m being sauteed, not nearly as enjoyable as a couple weeks ago at any rate.

Not much to talk about this week. Still job hunting. Still slowly plugging away at unpacking the new place.

I’m reading the book for this week’s review still, so I may wind up postponing the review again this week. I’m about half way through it, so it’s a maybe either way.

The “Consumption Incident” post should be up on time, I didn’t get much writing ahead done on that, but I’ve got enough that it should be fine.

That’s about it.

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. I could use the feedback. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fior treat yourself to a set of dice. I’m trying to save up for a trip to the dentist, so every bit helps. In either case, in any case, stay safe and have a great rest of the week!


So, I started working on the review for today last night before posting the House Keeping post and the words machine did not want to work. I tried to get back to it after the post and couldn’t really focus on it. I wound up deciding to take a break from it and finish it today and painted this instead, d20 is for size comparison.

Lady Vamp

One the one hand, I’m pretty pleased with how the mini turned out because it’s been a few years since I’ve painted one. On the other, if I’d known that I was going to spend most of today feeling utterly drained, I would have just worked through it to finish the review.

What all this means is that I’m going to postpone the review until Friday, that way I have it both finished and polished. The “Consumption Incident” post should go live tomorrow as expected.

I’m going to make this schedule thing work even if it means I have to take a couple of days to do a bunch of stuff in advanced.

House Keeping 6/2/20

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, and not a word to say. If I give myself long enough I’ll make something up, but I think I’ll try to save that for later.

Scott Coon, Lost Helix‘s author and the  guest from Friday’s post, has a tour going for Lost Helix‘s release today. You can find more information about that either at his website, Facebook, or through his twitter. It’s worth checking out.

Blog wise, I’m working on the review for tomorrow, that shouldn’t be a concern. Then the “Consumption Incident” post for Thursday. Then picking up steam to get back into it. I’ve got a book I want to finish and several that I want to get started on. Plenty of World of Darkness posts that need to be written up, plenty of ridiculous adventures to talk about.

That’s about it, really short post this week.

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi or treat yourself to some dice. In any case, in either case, stay safe and have a great rest of the week. Happy Pride everyone!

I’m running entirely behind.

Not a lot happening this week. I’m still behind on everything, still haven’t heard back on any jobs or unemployment. Still trying not to be a tremendous downer.

So I’m going to mention a thing that brought me more than a bit of joy. I made a friend!

It’s based off the pictures for this pattern off of Ravelry for a Final Fantasy style black mage, which I would have just bought and followed if I could read a pattern at all. I’m definitely planning on working on neater iterations of it later, and learning to read a pattern so I can support the artist who came up with it an make the other two mages they designed, but I’m happy with it.

As to the blog, I am drastically behind which is less than ideal. I’ve been feeling pretty useless for the past couple weeks and it’s impacted my willingness/ability to really do anything. I’m planning on taking some time over the next few days to try and catch up on writing the “Consumption Incident” posts for a couple weeks and to get further in the book I’m reading. Once I take the time to sit and read it shouldn’t take me any time to finish this book, it’s really well written, I just have to take the time.

All that in mind, I’m going to post up this week’s dice review tomorrow. Next week it’ll go back to being on Monday, I’ve got a set coming from Libris Arcana’s subscription service that I’m planning on covering. It’s the last one before they swap over to their new premium resin dice for it.

I’ve also got a guest post coming up on Friday for Scott Coon’s Lost Helix. It promises to be a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoy it!

And that’s about it for this week.

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi or treat yourself to a set of dice from Dice Envy. In either case, in any case, stay safe and have a great rest of the week!