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Deadworld Winners!

So, this is late.  But there are winners thanks to and there will be books!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?  The winner for one signed copy of Deadworld is: Jessica Bronder

And for a signed copy of The Vengeful Dead: Erin Theiss!  If you haven’t already read Deadworld, J.N. Duncan is willing to add a copy to your prize.

As always, winners have three days to get in touch with me at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com, if I don’t here back from you by then I’ll have to pick another winner.  Thanks for entering everybody!

Sven the Zombie Slayer Winners

I’m sorry about being as late with this as I am.  Class stuff decided that it needed to happen and college once again jacked my life.

For the five e-copies of Sven the Zombie Slayer we had three entrants and thus three winners.  Thank you so much ladies!  I will take care of getting those to you as soon as possible.

Ok, I’m a terrible blogger and have been remiss in not posting this.  But, it’s time to announce the winner for our 7 Scorpions: Rebellion give away copy.

Congratulations Suz Reads you’re our winner this go round!

Same rules as ever, contact me with a mailing address at within three days or I’ll have to pick a new winner.

Thanks for playing everybody!

I never heard back from Alison about where to send the copy of Miserere, so it’s time to announce a new winner!

Congratulations to our new winner Melora!

Same rules still apply, contact me at within three days to claim your prize!

I am way sorry about not getting this posted yesterday, the weather here’s been wonky and the power kept going out.  My problems aside, it’s time to announce the winner of the Summer Giveaway Hop!

The winner of one copy of Teresa Frohock’s Miserere is Alison!  Congratulations!

You’ll need to contact me at within three days to recieve your prize.  Thanks for coming everybody!

Alright, it’s Wednesday July sixth and we have winners to announce!

Congratulations Denise Z. you’ve won the signed copy of The Surgeon!

A further congratulations to Nicole K. who’s won the signed copy of The Apprentice!

I’ll need you both to contact me at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com with in the next three days with a mailing address to receive your prizes.  Congratulations again both of you!

I am sorry for this taking so long, I’ve had finals and dorm move out in the last few days and that’s been kicking my butt.

On to the winner announcements!

The winner of the signed copy of Maiden in Light is Tashi Carmichael!

The winner of the Maiden in Light canvas bag is Scarlet Kira!

I’ll contact you both through email and get your prizes in the mail the day after I get your mailing addresses.

Thank you for your patience.