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I’m down to the wire on getting this posted on Saturday. Sorry about that, I scheduled badly.

But! Here’s the important part! I’ve got two winners for the dice giveaway.

Goldiefc8, you’ve won the Confetti Dice.

drakedourden, you’ve won the Tombstone Bone dice.

Congratulations to both of you!

Shoot me a message in the next few days with a way to get in touch with you and I’ll get your new dice on the way!


The Shackled Scribes Winner

So, this is a day late, but I have the winner for the The Shackled Scribes giveaway!

Congratulations Sue S. you win a copy of The Shackled Scribes and a ten dollar Amazon gift card!

I’ll need you to either comment with your email, this will not be posted to the blog, or send me an email at the address listed in the review request page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Alright everybody, I’ve got the winners for the Navigators of Dune giveaway!

Congratulations Elise Smith and abbyesque, you each win a hard cover copy of Navigators of Dune.

I’ll need both of your snail mail addresses so that you can be sent your prizes. You can message me here with your email and I’ll get them that way, or you can email me through the tympestbooks email in the Review Requests page.

Alright, I gave her a couple of extra days because I was late with the announcement, but I haven’t heard back from Loverofbooks. That said, Antane is the new winner!

And the Winner is…

Well, the long and short of it is, no one entered that last contest so there is no winner. I’m not going to be extending the entry dates here, but the books may show up again later on.  Just a short one for that, expect another post real soon when I start talking NaNoWriMo.

Firebrand Winner

Alright guys, sorry about the delay, but the winner for the Firebrand giveaway is Denise Z!

Rules as always, I’ll need your mailing address emailed to me at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com within three days or another winner will be chosen.  Thanks for playing everyone!

Halloween Giveaway Winners!

I’m running a day late here, but I have the winners for both prizes that had entrants.

For the Murder and Mayhem set the winner is Kaitlyn Aucoin.

And for the copy of Gunmetal Magic the winner is Ruth.

Congratulations both of you!

To collect your prizes email me at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com with your mailing address.  If I don’t receive your email within the week your prize will default to another entrant.

Alright everyone, I’ve got the winners for last week’s giveaway of Tess Gerritsen’s Last to Die!

Congratulations to Michele Buxton and Kaitlyn Aucoin!

To receive your copy of Last to Die, please email me your mailing address at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com.

The winner of one copy of The Square Root of Murder, as chosen by a random number generator, is Gotham Girl!  Congratulations!

You have three days to email me a mailing address at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com before another winner is chosen.

Thanks for joining everyone.

Deadworld Winners!

So, this is late.  But there are winners thanks to and there will be books!

Let’s get down to business, shall we?  The winner for one signed copy of Deadworld is: Jessica Bronder

And for a signed copy of The Vengeful Dead: Erin Theiss!  If you haven’t already read Deadworld, J.N. Duncan is willing to add a copy to your prize.

As always, winners have three days to get in touch with me at tympestbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com, if I don’t here back from you by then I’ll have to pick another winner.  Thanks for entering everybody!