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This is one of those books that I can say with complete honesty that I have no idea how I wound up reading it.  The author has another book out titled The Thorn that’s currently free to read at

I just recently read Water and Other Stories by Daron Fraley.  Due to its nature as a book of short stories, I’ll be breaking this review in to three parts, one for each story.

First up is “Petitions”.  “Petitions” details the end of a day for Mark, a man who finds himself homeless and alone.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t a societal commentary as I had expected from the introduction and first few sentences.  Mark is shown as a very human figure, with a believable back-story and behaviors that feel organic rather than contrived.  It’s a bit of a tear jerker in hindsight, but well written and worth at least one read through.

Second is “Angel’s Song” a companion story to Fraley’s novel The Thorn book one in The Chronicles of Gan.  It has, as might be expected, a very Christian vibe the main character, Jacob, is even a shepherd watching his neighbor’s flock.  It seems to be, more than anything else, a growing up story with religious elements.  I would have liked to see more time put into developing Jacob, but understand that at just four PDF pages long there isn’t much room for anything beyond the story.  It would be a good read for someone who generally enjoys Christian fiction.

Last is the title story “Water”, a story based the Gospel of John 5:1-16 and Carl Bloch’s painting “Healing at the Pool of Bethesda.”  At least that’s what it describes itself as in the introduction, I personally cannot verify this.  It is a retelling of the story of Moshe and how he was restored to physical wholeness, and just that.  It does play a little with Moshe’s thoughts, placing him as the viewpoint character,  and focusing on his emotions leading up to the arrival of Jesus and his disciples.  Yet again, it’s worth a read for those who tend to read Christian fiction but well written enough to be worth the read regardless.

Water and Other Stories is available for download at

I’m sending out this little message in a bottle to the internet at large.  My name is Lauren, and I enjoy both reading and reviewing books.  Up until now I haven’t really had a place to myself to talk books, so after talking to someone over on Goodreads I decided to set up a blog.  Here we are.

I’m going to try to post a new review once every two weeks for the time being, though depending on classes it may take longer.  A number of the first reviews I’ll be publishing will be on books that have been out for awhile, just a heads up there.

In any case welcome, have fun, and if you see problems offer suggestions on how I can fix them.