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I am an exhausted disaster right now, apologies for that, still alternating wildly between needing all the sleep and not being able to sleep at all. That isn’t the important part here. What is important is that there’s exciting things coming up in the next few weeks and I get to share that with you all. Let’s get started!

As I mentioned in last week’s House Keeping post, the next three weeks of reviews are going to be dedicated to Django Wexler’s The Wells of Sorcery trilogy. The final books, Siege of Rage and Ruin, just came out earlier this month and I’ve been given the chance to review it. Not only that, but I have also been given the opportunity to cover the previous two books, Ship of Smoke and Steel and City of Stone and Silence.

What that means is that I’m trying something a little bit big. Three books, three reviews, three weeks, I’m going to cover the full trilogy over the next three weeks as well as talking about how each of the books flow into the series and general feelings on the series as a whole as a cap to the whole deal.

Well, not quite the cap to this particular event.

In addition to their generosity in providing me with a full set of The Wells of Sorcery to review Tor Teen is also providing a full set of the trilogy for one of my readers. The post kicking off the giveaway will go live Friday, the full details will be provided then and there.

I am very much looking forward to this and I hope you all are too!


Edit: Correcting a date.

So, I’ve not been in much mood to write today. I got a call midway through lazing around on my day off telling me that I was more than half an hour late to work. My manager had changed the schedule and failed to tell anyone, so I was late in for a closing shift and spent the whole time in a mood.

So I came home and ate and took a nap.

And now we’re here.

Because of the unexpected work shift, the book review will be a little late tomorrow. It’ll still be up though.

“Consumption Incident” post is good to go, it’ll be live Thursday morning. I still haven’t gotten the “Sunshine’s Journals” posts cross posted, hopefully this week. I just have to buckle down and get things done, get my ducks in a row as it were.

But I do have something fun for Friday, I’ve jumped in on another blog tour. This one is a bit of a mold breaker for me because the book is, while still horror focused, non-fiction. Check it out!

Digital Monsters Banner

And that’s about it for this one.

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a like or a comment, especially on that Friday post. I want to see this Blog Tour do well. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here, you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi or you can follow the link here and treat yourself to some new dice from Dice Envy. In either case, in any case, stay safe and have a great rest of the week!

House Keeping 9/22/20

For my weekly complaint about block publishing, I really want a way to just permanently set the classic block as my default. It isn’t hard to find, that just feels like being able to choose a default block or a short list of them would be useful.

Onward from that though because I want to have this up before tomorrow starts.

I’ve finally got a book review for you all again. And it’s one that I’ve been wanting to talk about for ages, just one of those situations where I liked something enough that it became hard to talk about.

I’m working on the “Consumption Incident” post for this week. I think I’m going to try something new with that this week and add an intro picture, sort of feature Raven there. I’ve been playing with the token maker over on Hero Forge and it seemed like a nifty thing to test out here.

Speaking of nifty things! I have a guest post for you all this Friday. It’s about a table top RPG Kickstarter that I’m really excited about, so I look forward to sharing it with all of you.

And that’s about it for this one.

Standard stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. It always brightens my day to see people enjoying what I do here. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi or treat yourself to a set of Dice Envy’s dice. In either case, in any case, stay safe and have a great rest of the week!

Off Week? Week Off.

So, I’ve been dragging more than a little for the last couple of weeks. This week more than the others.

So, given that I’m four days behind on everything and I have both of my dice giveaway winners’ information and the dice ready to go to the Post Office Friday, I’m going to decide that this is a week off.

I’m going to take the next three days and work on things for up coming posts. Getting some more “Consumption Incident” posts ready to go, getting pictures set up for more dice reviews, work on getting used to the block editor’s terrible layout, hopefully even finally finishing this book. General stuff.

The book isn’t bad, just as a by the way, it just isn’t the book I want right now. You know?

So, yeah, posts will resume on Monday. I’m going to recharge a little and see where that takes me. As always, stay safe and have a great rest of the week!

I’m late posting this up, in part because I slept in hard and in part because WordPress finally pushed through their Block Editor and I want to interact with it about as much as I want to have my liver eaten by an eagle each day.


It’s Sunday everyone, which means no mail is running. Doesn’t mean that we can’t support the Post Office any way.

It’s been a good week running the giveaway and I think it’s time to congratulate the winners.

goldiefc8 and Heavyfoot504, congratulations to both of you! You entered, so you won. As a happy bonus you both entered for completely different sets, which means that I don’t even have to run the random number generator to decide, I’m going to send you both both of the sets you entered for.

All that’s left now is for the two of you to comment back to me with either an email that I can get in touch with you through or just the address I can send your dice to. No time limit on this, but sooner is better than later.

Time for my stop on the Hidden Intentions blog tour! As suggested above, I’ve got a guest post from the author about how his writing process on Hidden Intentions. Enjoy!

Hidden Intentions Banner1

Getting my trusty notebook out having given the idea of trying to write something, having experienced winning a writing competition. I found notes on the countryside among other rural areas and decided to hit the keys and see what happened. Taking into consideration my exploits from when I was a boy (some years ago now) I found myself wondering what I could do with the information I had stored away at the back of my mind. I had the vicinity that I could use and change, also having taken notes from my writing group, the topic. So I devised an idea, but at that point, I had no set storyline. Deciding to not bother with a plot or plan, I sat there and let my imagination take over.

The character came easy enough, even though I have no idea where from, and putting the two together, I continued to type to see where it took me. Within the first two chapters, I could see I had something as concepts bounced off the screen in front of me. I recognised and brought the leading character alive and began to write seriously. When the first 3000 words had emerged, I knew I could use the type of individual and background to form a half-decent story. By this time, I was jotting notes down and acting upon them should I need to. Waking up during the night and going to my desk noting the thoughts or dream I could use. Many a time, I cancelled out sentences or chapters, but I never tired of continuing the story. After spending quite some time on the work, I finished the first draft and realised that 15000 words were rather long for a book. The heart-breaking thing was I needed to chop a substantial amount of it. A friend suggested after reading it; I should remove one big section altogether as it could be used alone for another story as it worked well, but not in what I was doing. Five thousand-odd words came out, and up until that point, I never realised how much it had improved from before.

I checked and rechecked making sure it appeared readable and never in all that time did I discover I needed to put down a change of beginning, a middle scene or ending. It all flowed from my typing. By the time I knew it was ready to be sent out, I was feeling good in myself having got that far. For a couple of years, the ‘sounds very interesting, or we enjoyed your novel but’ came back thick and fast, what I expected having listened to the writers’ group I attended. I guessed my age was the biggest problem going for me, but I was determined to try and make progress. There are so many stories; I’m sure that I can put down given a chance. I agree age is a factor, but I could live for years get, and should this novel move off of the shelves, could another replace it?

Hidden Intentions

Toby could… and Toby would.

‘Enjoy yourself as you rot, old man. And you’re not my dad – you never were.’ Southern England, September 1957

When thirteen-year-old Toby Mitcher’s mum collapses, never to wake up, Toby’s alcoholic stepfather becomes his legal guardian. He thought life couldn’t get much worse, but was he wrong.

Time passes, and an orderly direction comes into his life. That is until problems start and the disappearances begin.

No more being put upon or allowing bad situations to happen.

From now on, Toby is in control. Or is he?

Dave Flint

Author Information

Dave Flint has been an avid reader since his twenties. Married at the age of twenty, and father to twin girls. He worked in industry and later the aircraft and radar sector until his retirement in 2012 at the age of 64. Finding a hobby, he joined a writing group not knowing where it might lead him. Low and behold all those books he read over the years must have had an impact on him. The writing group he joined gave him encouragement and criticism, enabling him to find his feet in another world.

Being in good health, he enjoys playing Badminton and going on long walks with the Ramblers group he belongs to, and now looks forward to when he can get back into the swing of things.

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Review Postponed

Here I go biting off more than I can chew again.

So, the last couple of days have been unproductive and really stressful. One of my co-workers has Covid and only found out late last week, meaning that any of us that worked with them have to get tested and quarantine until the test comes back clean. It wasn’t something that I was counting on happening and I’ve been stress napping more than I’d like to admit.

Which, of course, means that I’m behind on reading and reviewing the book of the week. Shouldn’t be a tremendous issue. I’m thinking that I should have it finished being read tonight sometime, then some notes and the first draft of my review, polish it, and hopefully have it posted up Friday in the slot I was going to put the dice review in at the latest. If I can get it done earlier, then I’ll have it up some time tomorrow and have the “Consumption Incident” post up Saturday.

Sorry about this everyone.

Guest Post: Jon Biddle

Morning everyone! I’m back with a guest post for you all. This one’s from Jon Biddle, author of Hypnos, talking a bit about how he does research for his writing and the varied life experiences that flavor it. Enjoy!

Hypnos Cover


I think I have the most varied CV in the world. The only thing I left school with as Sixteen year old, was a packet of fags, and an old dog eared copy of Razzle magazine. I did get one O’ level, in Biology, which came into play in later life.

I then spent the next ten years in the army. The Infantry, shooting things and being shot at. I grew up quickly while on the streets of Northern Ireland as a soldier; they were tough, mean and dangerous. It shaped the person I have become in so many ways.

After that, I joined the family business and became a potter. These are the days I miss the most. They were idyllic and perfect. Living amongst the rolling hills of Dorset in the South West of England, nothing could be more amazing. The business grew to where we had to sell up. I became a full-time dad to our very young children, again, some of the best days of my life. My relationship with my now grown-up children is a close bond of which I do not take for granted.

It was during this period; I realised, that the wind blowing between my ears was in fact cognitive thought, what was weird, I was pretty good at it.

So I searched what would be a good job for a thirty-something to do that had meaning and came across my career as an Operating Department Practitioner. I stayed on at university for another four years and became a surgical first assistant and getting a whole heap of certificates which I cant find anymore.

I’ve covered everything in surgery from orthopaedics, which I love, to cardio thoracic, neuro, general surgery, ENT, MaxFax, urology, obs and gynae. I am dual qualified in assisting and anaesthetics, which makes me a rare commodity. I can slot anywhere within the Perioperative setting and be very comfortable.

What has this got to do with researching books?

I have a very broad knowledge of surgery, disease and trauma, drugs, the humanistic interaction between medical professionals and their patients, which are often complex along with trauma and the worst conditions that we as humans have to face. I had coupled along with my military background with law enforcement in Northern Ireland, there’s not much I haven’t seen or done.

I know firsthand what it’s like to lose a patient, I cannot remember any of my patients that left the OR and made a full recovery from their treatment, the dead though? I remember those. All of those, their names, what they looked like. I couple them with levels of high stress, guilt, anger and emotional distress and in some cases, utter heartbreak. I haven’t done CPR on anyone and not broken most of their ribs, I have had my hands, deep inside a patient, around their aorta, trying to stop a patient bleeding to death while helping a surgeon, likewise; I sat and held the hand of a dying man while he told his son how much he loved him on the phone, and how proud he was of him. Sadly, not being able to be by his father’s side in the final moments. The man looked at me square in the face with some form of clarity as he faced his own mortality, he thanked me for being there and that it meant everything to him, and it meant everything to me. I hope that I made up for his son’s absence. It’s these things that stay in my mind, that keeps me focussed, charged and driven to be the best person I might be.

I also can remember the first time that someone tried to kill me, the sound, the energy, the stones being flicked into my eye from the ricocheting bullets, the twenty litre can of water being tossed into the air as 7.62mm rounds slammed into either side of me, I remember I was about to be mortared, and when the first one came into my base, I watched glass almost bend concave slowly as the blast swept through the base until the glass surrendered and smashed to a thousand pieces. Why did I survive while others didn’t? I have no idea. I have many friends that are not with me today, dead from enemy action, or even the biggest killer, the enemy within. These voices I have, as does most of us that have walked that path, I am not immune to the label of complex-PTSD, I won’t affirm to like it, but there it is.

My body has spent most of its life in fight-or-flight mode, something that I am learning slowly to deal with, with the help of a therapist. Every day that I and my brothers make it through is another day we can chalk up to success.

I hope that this transcribes into the narrative of the books I write.

I am an educationalist by nature; I love learning and reading deeper into the psychology of people which really turns me on. How people tick. We’re not all that unique. Humans are humans, and a large proportion and wonderful souls that want nothing but good from this life. The scum bags, villains, and psychos are the people I have a keen interest in, and this behaviour really inspires my writing.

Take this current covid-19 pandemic, people are so predictable in how they behave, this fascinates me and use that core human interaction in my books. My protagonist Alex Brown is especially deft at dealing with human emotions on many levels, I love how she sees the lie coming, and heads the lie off at the pass. These are complex cognitive skills which I have learnt as an empath myself. Daily from my childhood, but that another story.

I hear the term Google Authors. That’s something that I definitely am not.

Jon Biddle

Jon spends his days smashing out people’s hip and knee joints, and his nights writing medical thrillers.

A veteran and a medical professional who spends 45 hours a week in the OR, Jon brings considerable medical and military/law enforcement expertise to the crime thriller genre, evident by the attention to detail in his six books.

Jon’s writing is dark and eclectic, provoking and deviant. He surrounds himself in the white glow of pureness, with one foot always in the dark. The dark always surrounds us, but Jon has a knack of making his readers ask “Could this happen to me?”

There is nothing too dark for Jon to write about. He has no level, base, or filter, and will get into your head and “scare the living daylights” out of you.

Jon lives in the south-west of England with his childhood sweetheart, Sam, and two Springer Spaniels. With full-time medical responsibilities in his day job, Jon spends 15-20 hours a week writing for his growing online audience. His new medical thriller, The Harvester, was released in 2019 as the first of six books in the Dale Broc series.

Find out more about Jon Biddle, including his new releases and regular short stories, by going to and joining the mailing list.

Welcome back everyone! It’s my turn on the blog tour for Mandi Martin’s The Loss of Some Detail and, as the title suggests, I’ve got a guest post for you all. Ms Martin has been kind enough to write a bit about her favorite things about writing. Enjoy!

The Loss of Some Detail cover

When asked what my favourite things about being a writer are it is actually quite a hard one to answer.

There are a lot of things I enjoy and a lot I don’t; writers block and self-doubt being two in the latter category. Some reasons for the former are more personal and touch on topics I would rather avoid.

I think one of the main things I enjoy is the escapism. The ability to craft my own worlds and create tales that can offer the same to others and hopefully bring them some pleasure.

One of my favourite things to do as a child was to play with figures and create my own little towns and stories that would last for weeks and weeks, creating a chapter each day. I wanted to continue this when I began writing, creating characters people cared about and stories that took them away from everyday life.

Giving something back to people, as well as enjoying what I do, is important to me and knowing that I’ve given people a break and something to think about is a great feeling.

It also helps me in a therapeutic way by allowing me to divert my emotions and feelings in a more positive way, letting my characters take them on and work them out. Problems won’t go away but it can ease them and sometimes offer some clarity of how I myself can work through them, albeit perhaps not in such elaborate ways.

In many ways it is rather like painting, just using words instead of brushes to craft images of thoughts and emotions that perhaps cannot be released in any other manner.

I’m fond of sitting quietly so writing is an ideal career for that and the chance to work anywhere. I enjoy being lost in my own thoughts with just the cats for company, even if they do like to distract me by taking a trip across the keyboard or my papers. It certainly proves that working with animals, or around them, can be a thankless task!
I suppose it is my fault for not acknowledging their illustrious presence though.

Of course having a job and earning is important, I like to think if I make enough I can do more to help those in need, it also gives a sense of personal achievement. My family have supported me through good times and bad and this is a way of repaying them, to say thank you for all their belief in me and for opening the door to the wonderful world of books and stories.

That fascination with the English language and the written word was the best gift one could have given me and it has stayed with me. I enjoy the thought that maybe, just maybe, I could offer that gift to others.
There are tales aplenty out there, just waiting to be written and it is exciting to think that I could be the one to tell them or encourage another to tell their own.


The Loss Of Some Detail Banner1

It’s that time again everyone, I’ve joined another blog tour and it looks like there’s going to be some really nifty stops on this one. Here’s hoping you enjoy them all!

The Loss of Some Detail cover

Forget all you know, for all you know might well be false.

That is how is often seems to asylum worker James Grey as he tends to the patients abandoned to Oculus Mentis, an austere asylum lost to the world. His day to day quite literally forgettable.

Until now.

Slowly the world around him starts to change. Plagued by lucid dreams, a haunting drawing and visions of a pleading female he feels his mind is dissolving.

Aided by the enigmatic Silas and silent Marianne he seeks to solve the mysteries that are tormenting him.

The Loss Of Some Detail Banner1

As ever, you should definitely check out the other stops on the tour and see what’s going on. This is a great chance to find new bloggers you might enjoy reading.

Mandi Martin

Author Information

I’m in my thirties and I live in Ryde on the beautiful Isle of Wight although I was born in Birmingham.

There’s not really a lot to say about me really. I have Aspergers and writing became my outlet, social situations terrified me so I spent a lot of time writing poetry, drawing and losing myself in worlds of my own.

I absolutely adore animals; I prefer them to people, so my two cats clearly get away with almost anything.

I live with my brother and my mother and spending time with them is another highlight of my day. Although, I could do without the trial of socks and others pieces the former leaves in his wake.

Weather and health permitting I enjoy walking and also looking around graveyards, it possibly sounds morbid but the history and the artistry fascinate me.

I also collect lapel pin badges, I think I have over ten thousand now but I couldn’t say, I gave up counting ages ago, it was taking too long!

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