This is probably going to say about the same as my first post did, but here we go.

I absolutely love reading, always have.  So when entering college, and gaining a rather large number of new responsibilities and expenses, I felt the need to give myself an excuse to read.  Reviewing books online seemed like the kind of thing that I could do in what little spare time I had, and of course it required me to read the books I was reviewing.  So I joined Goodreads and posted there, but there isn’t much interaction between members.

Here I am now, sending out my message in a bottle to the world at large.  I want to review books, and talk about them, and see what other people think.  I’m going to aim for one review every two weeks, it may take slightly longer than that depending on classes or it might be that I’ll get really excited and post one early every now and then.  I may also post about common trends in sub-genres that seem odd.  In any even I welcome you to my bookshelf.

If you have any ideas about books I could review or ideas on how to fix my blog up a bit, I can be contacted at

I do not accept payment for the reviews on this sight. The receipt of review copies does not effect the opinions or reviews posted on this sight.