So, I’ve been dead for the last couple of days. It doesn’t excuse my being late getting this out for you all, but it did get in the way of it. This one’s from the nice folks at Morning Star Games, and PR by the Book, my first shot at reviewing a game book, Allen Wolf’s You’re Pulling My Leg! junior. Enjoy!

You're Pulling My Leg Junior

But I love a good round of two truths and a lie, it was the only getting to know you sort of game I really enjoyed back in the dorms. You’re Pulling My Leg! is a little like that, at least on the surface. Each card has either three questions or two questions and a wild card option that the Storyteller reads out and then picks a question to answer. When they’ve chosen which question they want the Storyteller flips a coin, heads for truth and tails for false. Once they’re done the rest of the group playing wagers between one and three points on if it’s true or not. Pretty basic stuff but fun in the way that off the cuff stories tend to be.

It’s a bluffing game in a lot of ways, something that both stretches creativity and offers enough options over time that players are likely to actually get to know more about each other.

Now, I was sent the junior edition of You’re Pulling My Leg!, aimed at players nine and up, so the language is pretty simple and a lot of the questions are aimed young. Questions about sleep overs and favorite cereals and elevator rides. Some of the questions feel a bit dated because of their being aimed young, mostly ones about things like a time you used a phone, a lot of that impression is likely just from me not really having interacted with anyone below about twenty-three for a long while and not knowing what would make good questions for kids.

This game has also taught me that I am only situationaly good at bluffing. My stories made folks laugh but were largely picked up as true or false almost immediately, something that I might later claim had more to do with the people I was playing with than my storytelling.

Overall, I enjoyed You’re Pulling My Leg! junior a fair deal. It did remind me very much of the sort of welcome to the dorm games that I went through a couple of times. I give it a four out of five and suggest that it might be a good replacement for just asking folks to think of three interesting things about themselves.

You're Pulling My Leg Junior author pick

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Allen Wolf is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and game creator. His company, Morning Star Games, also publishes Slap Wacky!, JabberJot, and Pet Detectives as well. Allen has won 39 awards for his games, which have been played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.