49th Spring, Year 256

Elven emissaries arrived today.

Churt called us to the tavern to talk to them. That might have been to save herself from dealing with them further.

I should avoid being so cruel.

They were seeking help from “the small folk” in saving their home from an army of Goblins lead by yet more Goblins in black armor.If they came to a Dwarven fortress, they have to be desperate. I would have thought that their pride would keep them from it. Their leader promised that their generosity would be near endless if we succeeded. So there is that.

Chonk seems very much back to himself and immediately asked after the library. So did Azurei, for tales and music, and Eclair, for recipes. There is no telling what the elf wants. Never is. Though I admit, I am also unsure as to what I would want from our visitors. I should figure that out after we return.

We left as soon as we could gather our arms and half of the Regulars. They and the elves last five warriors will be joining us on the journey. I think the elves might be regretting the choice to join us though. Between Eclair’s poisoned cookies and wondering about ways to cook elf meat and if that would be cannibalism for her and Chonck’s asides about the Eater of the Dead and the screaming Goblins in his head, they seem quite disturbed.

We had barely convinced Chonck to eat some salted pork and a handful of herbs Eclair had pilfered from the apothecary before running into a group of these black armored Goblins. They put up much more of a fight than we have seen in the past. If we run into a large group of them we might be in trouble.

We might be in trouble any way. Based on the Goblin Chonck ate out of this group the elves’ city is already burned. We may be to late to save anyone. I can only hope not.