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49th Spring, Year 256

Elven emissaries arrived today.

Churt called us to the tavern to talk to them. That might have been to save herself from dealing with them further.

I should avoid being so cruel.

They were seeking help from “the small folk” in saving their home from an army of Goblins lead by yet more Goblins in black armor.If they came to a Dwarven fortress, they have to be desperate. I would have thought that their pride would keep them from it. Their leader promised that their generosity would be near endless if we succeeded. So there is that.

Chonk seems very much back to himself and immediately asked after the library. So did Azurei, for tales and music, and Eclair, for recipes. There is no telling what the elf wants. Never is. Though I admit, I am also unsure as to what I would want from our visitors. I should figure that out after we return.

We left as soon as we could gather our arms and half of the Regulars. They and the elves last five warriors will be joining us on the journey. I think the elves might be regretting the choice to join us though. Between Eclair’s poisoned cookies and wondering about ways to cook elf meat and if that would be cannibalism for her and Chonck’s asides about the Eater of the Dead and the screaming Goblins in his head, they seem quite disturbed.

We had barely convinced Chonck to eat some salted pork and a handful of herbs Eclair had pilfered from the apothecary before running into a group of these black armored Goblins. They put up much more of a fight than we have seen in the past. If we run into a large group of them we might be in trouble.

We might be in trouble any way. Based on the Goblin Chonck ate out of this group the elves’ city is already burned. We may be to late to save anyone. I can only hope not.

House Keeping 11/15/19

Well, this is late in the week.

Things are going about as they have been. Lots of class work, lots of work work. I can’t complain too much. I think I might be adapting to it a little.

But I’m excited, I traded dice with someone so I get to check out one of the Chessex Lab sets. And also I’m making a crocheted goblin to send off to someone, which is admittedly more exciting because I’m hoping they’ll enjoy it than just because I’m making another goblin. All fun things.

I should have a dice review out Monday. I think it might be the last of my subscription dice for the time being, but it is a really nice looking set so it feels like a good one to end on.

I’m also hoping to have a book review out soon? I’m working on a couple of them but the imposter syndrome is real and none of it feels right. Just a thing to work on for now.

That’s about it for now I think. I might complain about the book I had to read for English at some point, but that would be complaining rather than reviewing.

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I am so late getting this posted, but I can at least get it up on a day that isn’t stepping on any of the other stop’s toes. As ever, you should give them a check because each stop has something different to offer on the tour. This one’s thanks to David E. Dresner. Enjoy!

The Blighted Fortress cover

A Day in the Life of an Author

In writing this I came to think of myself as Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. My days tend to follow each other like soldiers in a line.

Most of us are creatures of habit no matter how spontaneous we think we are. The best we can hope for is that we have more good habits than bad. I am definitely a creature of habit.

The serious habits got ingrained in me after graduate school. College and grad school permitted flexibility each day. Who didn’t cut a boring class to sleep late? Eating was fun and casual and done on an ‘as needed’ basis. Beer and pizza trumped the veggies most of the time.

My life habits changed dramatically after I decided to become an actuary. I was working full time at a consulting firm and had to find study time for the rigorous math exams. My everyday routine required getting up at 6 am to be in the office by 6:30 for two hours of study before work started.

Weekends followed the same timetable but with longer study hours.  After I passed the actuarial exams I found business required even more time. I was in the office every day by 7.

When I hit age thirty-three I made a big mistake. I got on the scales. My college swim weight of 165 pounds now started with the number 2. I refused to view the next two digits knowing it did not come from greater muscle mass. I became a late evening waddler, then jogger, and finally a runner.

With these habits fixed early in my adult life I am still locked into them. Here’s a typical day.

Every day starts around 7:30 with a real breakfast including fruit and a cup of Joe to get awake. No longer am I up at 6. It takes longer to get the various body motors up and running these days, but so what.

After breakfast it’s time to check all the email stuff and the news. The news is always bad news and I get rushes of adrenaline to jolt me into the day.

Now fully awake I head out for an hour’s fast-paced hike in the countryside. My knees can’t take the pounding of running but I hike 3-5 miles every day. I add weights three times a week to the exercise routine.

Back home I cool off, check the mail again, shower and start to write on the current series book. I find that I’m productive between two, but rarely more than, three hours a day. Somebody throws a switch in my brain and I’m done.

A lot of my writing time happens after I finish a first draft. The first draft takes maybe 5 months to complete the whole story. Then months of rewrites start. The final review, prior to submission, is grammar, punctuation, and story line editing. My wife Nancy does the heavy lifting on grammar and punctuation and is comfortable giving me critical feedback on the story.

After the day’s writing is over, all the other stuff required to be alive such as paying bills gets taken care of. Finally, I enjoy my friends and this is fun time for us to socialize. Dinner is typically early, either late afternoon or early evening.

My free time starts around 7. I enjoy consuming junk entertainment on TV. I watch a wide variety of movies and certain series. One favorite series is Supernatural. Once in bed I read until Morpheus shuts me down. I sleep extremely well, lucky me.

The next day starts over again. I can almost hear Sonny and Cher singing, “Put your little hand in mind…I’ve got you babe.”

David E Dresner author picture

David E. Dresner was born and raised in rural Ohio. He was an Eagle Scout and later high school president in both his junior and senior years. The social mores, the friendships, and the rivalries of his youth were character building and era defining and have stayed with him into adulthood. Dresner studied physics and mathematics at Carnegie Tech, now Carnegie Mellon, earning a B.S. and M.S, before training to become an actuary. Dresner enjoyed considerable professional success, working at major business consultancy firms at CEO and COO level before taking early retirement and starting a family. He has since dedicated himself to giving back to his community, supporting small businesses, churches and schools by developing their strategic plans, as well as tutoring children in core academic studies. Having travelled extensively and lived in France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, today David and his wife Nancy live in a rural part of Virginia, near Charlottesville. He is currently working on the fourth instalment of The Allies of Theo series; he will publish his third novel in 2020.

The Blighted Fortress Banner

House Keeping 11/7/19

Time feels like it’s moving really fast just now. Things are getting really, solidified I guess? The fact that I’m going to have an Associate’s degree and be moving cities in just a couple of months just doesn’t seem like it can be real. It is, but it feels like I’m going to wake up or someone will take all that away.

Nerves right?

Not much to say this week. I’ve got a ton of class work to work on and I’m terrified because finals feel like they’re landing yesterday. But that’s something to keep working through.

I’ve got a set of dice I’m working on re-inking that I can’t wait to show off. Having a little trouble with the d20, but the others look great.

I also got a super cool set of dice from one of Dice Envy’s mystery bags. I think it’s their new Vantapurple set. I’m really excited to try them out. If you’re looking at getting a new set of dice, these certainly look nice and you can save 10% on your purchase this week with the code TOOPURPLE.

Still hoping that I’ll be able to get something worked out with the “Sunshine’s Journals” and dice review posts. That’ll have to be when I take a break from class work some time. It felt good having something to post this week.

And that’s about it.

Standard  stuff, if you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. I’m going to be consuming a lot of caffeine here soon. In either case, have a great rest of the week!

Warlock’s Work Study

I’m pretty glad to be back to this. Not sure how long it’ll last this go round, but I’m going to do all I can while this little burst of energy lasts. Let’s go with a bit of a trick of a dice set, given that these guys aren’t available on Dice Envy anymore. Similar sets of the same style, Wizard’s Unpaid Intern and Mage’s Indentured Servant, are still available.

Warlock's Work Study 3

The Warlock’s Work Study dice set is one of those that my camera just doesn’t nearly do justice. Like a lot of the sets I wind up favoring lately, it is full of sparklies that catch the light even when it’s just sitting there and make it look vaguely like it should be a prop in a magical girl anime. The purple star glitter doesn’t hurt that effect either.

This is kind of a thing for me though, even with the sparkling and sort of business that glitter or confetti tend to bring to a dice set, the inking is still nicely clear and easy to read. The gold contrasts nicely with the purple and sort of silver/lavender, making them both enjoyable to look at and to use. And, of course, the inking is well done here with no notable thin spots or overfills.

Warlock's Work Study 2

As is pretty standard for acrylic dice, the Warlock’s Work Study set feels nice in the hand. In my set at least, there aren’t any places where the star glitter sticks out. The balance on them seems pretty good, no sticking or favorite numbers that I’ve noticed so far.

Warlock's Work Study 1

This is very much a set that leaves me wanting to collect the others that are similar to it, just so that I can compare them. I really like the Warlock’s Work Study set and feel like I’m going to wind up using them regardless of how appropriate they are for any given character. Which means that the Warlock’s Work Study dice set gets a five out of five from me.

Hello all! I’m running a little late getting this up, sorry about that, but there were two winners for the Halloween Dice Giveaway!

Lizz Smith, you’ve won the Dice Vault.

corkedbottle, you’ve won the set of Absinthe Glow dice.

Congratulations both of you!

If you could get back to me with an email so that I can get in touch to work out getting your prizes shipped out, that would be much appreciated.