Classes started this past Friday. Still excited. Still terrified. But I’m on top of things now, so it’s just a matter of staying there.

Work is going pretty good too.

I’m at a good place for everything except getting things done here. And I’m working on that.

Speaking of, I’ve got a guest post coming up for you all tomorrow. It’s a good one, so I hope you all will enjoy it.

“Sunshine’s Journal” post should be up as usual. And I’m hoping I’ll have a book review done for next week. Same for dice reviews, I just didn’t get the one for yesterday finished in time.

That’s about it for this one. I’ve got a lot going on, but not a lot to talk about.

Standard stuff then. If you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. Feedback is always good. If you really like what I’m doing, you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. If you don’t want to do that but are about dice, I’ve also got a Dice Envy referral link you can use. In any case have a great rest of the week!