So it turns out that starting a new job is not conducive to reading.

Who’d have thought?

No book review this week. I should still be fine for the “Sunshine’s Journal” post, it’s mostly written already, I’d just have to type it in here and get it ready to go live. Similar deal for next Monday’s dice review, I’ve got the dice I’m going to use for it and I’ve played with them a little. It’s just a matter of writing the review and gathering my resources for links and whatnot.

Speaking of dice, Dice Envy has a sale going at the moment. Just use the coupon code CRITHIT at checkout and it’ll get you 15% off your purchase. Makes for a great chance to pick up a set you’ve been looking at.

Beyond that, I’ve got classes starting Friday. Exciting and terrifying that. Just have to keep my grades up until end of term and I’ll have my associates degree. But also, I’m jumping back into work and classes and that frightens me more than a bit.

Nothing I can’t handle, I’m sure. I just have to keep reminding myself of that for awhile.

And that’s about it.

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