Running late, running late, but at least running. Here’s two sets of dice that’re two of a kind. Enjoy!

Summer Fey 1

So, this week’s a bit interesting. When I opened the sets of mystery dice I usually use for a couple of my reviews per month I found that both were from the Summer Fey set, just in different colors. It’s actually kind of fantastic for me because it makes for some awesome comparisons.

The Summer Fey set has sparkly bits in it, much like the Kosmos dice, but finer. Less like glitter and more like pixie dust. Depending on how it catches the light, the sparkles can seem either golden or a pinky purple, which complements the orange nicely and clashes with the green in a way that makes it feel fresher somehow. I think I prefer the green for that, but they’re both quite nice.

As to how they roll and feel, both sets are pretty nice there too. They don’t get caught on numbers. They do feel a little lighter than I’m used to, but not uncomfortably so. There was a little bit of a casting error on the orange d4, nothing major, but notable none the less. A last thing, the inking is a little thin, this is more noticeable on the green than the orange.

So, overall, the Summer Fey dice are pretty nice and I would happily get the pink set as well. So, barring the casting issue, they get a five out of five from me. Things like that occasionally happen and I’m sure I’d be more worried about it if I used d4 more. I’m also certain that if I contacted Dice Envy about it they would do something to fix it.