8th of Spring, Year 256

Okay, right. So, a week of drilling with the militia dwarves and scouting around to keep an eye on that encampment and things went about as expected. About as expected with the unexpected absence of Eclair, her patron required her and there was nothing to be done about it.

We collected our allotment of militia dwarves and were able to head directly towards the Goblins. Neither Chonck, nor the elf, nor the militia are any good at being quiet so it had to be fairly head on.

The good news is, there isn’t a Goblin encampment any more. A few got away, but that’s a few. Bad news is, we made an absolute mess of the place and probably seem absolutely barbarous now. Chonck remains good at charging into things but not so much at stopping or turning around. Between his attempts to help and Azurei’s spells, there weren’t many bodies left in recognizable condition.

If we could get the Yoyabo Goblins grouped tight enough then Azurei might be able to take the lot of them out herself. She’s probably the most reliable magic user we have just now. Given that Eclair can be called away at any time and that the half-elf’s magic seems rather hit or miss. I don’t know that I want to take my chances there.

I find myself concerned about our ability to work as a team in the long term. Chonck and Azurei are both willing to work together. Eclair seems willing, but we haven’t seen much of her in the field. The elf though, the sarcastic rude half-elf, she’s going to be trouble. How hard is it to look for anything of use when it’s suggested? But no, the elf couldn’t do that and instead chose to gesture about at the destruction and mouth off. Never mind that we found what was left of another five Goblins and their provision stores in what was left of the encampment’s hut. Or that Azurei found orders papers. No, clearly there was nothing to search.

After that, I set the elf to searching each of the remaining Goblins. If she’s going to refuse to help and treat me like I’m being unreasonable, then why not set her to doing grunt work? Because she made a mess of that too. Apparently “search” in common is “walk around stabbing corpses in the backside” in elf.

Right. Anyway, the papers that Azurei found, someone calling them self “E” ordered the emcampment’s placement to send Caskfire a message.

Knowing that some one is trying to send Caskfire a message, is threatening the fortress, I feel less bad about leaving the encampment as destroyed as we did. Mixing the Goblin pulp into their remaining rations might have been going too far. But if it scares them enough to stay away that’s worth it. If that doesn’t work then we also have a number of Goblins staked up on javelins thanks to Chonck and the suggestion of one of the militia dwarves.

Send a message in response to a message.

We’re going to plant them out behind the fortress. Churt was worried about the corpses worrying the human ambassador who should be arriving soon if we put them out front. I can’t see Churt being happy about having to deal with humans, but that’s part of leading the expedition. If nothing else, cousin Throckmorton is used to dealing with human traders for the inn. He’s definitely going to help her with them, so things should go smoothly.

That said, with the humans here things will likely be quiet for the next while. At least unless our Mr. “E” sends Goblins after us directly. More later either way.