Check it out, I’ve got another set of dice to show you all. I ordered these a little late in the month but, I’m still excited for them. This set is a Dice Envy exclusive and you can find them here. On to the review though. Enjoy!

Shamrock Dice 1

Check it out, Shamrock dice featuring Celtic knots on the highest numbered sides and four leaf clovers on all the others. Exception given here to the d4 because d4 are a little odd.

I haven’t done a great job of capturing the color here, but I really love the green on green here. The main color of the dice is a sort of olive green with the numbers and decorations done in a lighter almost spring green. It’s a good combination that reads really well for rolling. The paint can be a little over filled on some numbers, but it still looks good.

Shamrock Dice 3

Now, something really interesting to me here is how the decorations are done. This is the first set of dice I’ve gotten where there’s anything other than the numbers engraved into them. So it feels a little odd to have the shamrocks engraved in as well. Since I’m not used to it it feels weird, but I do want to check out other dice that have engraved details. It seems like a nifty touch that would keep the decorations intact over a long time of play while also keeping the dice balanced.

Shamrock Dice 2

I’m definitely looking forward to playing with these. The look nice, they feel interesting, and I just like looking at them. So the Dice Envy Shamrock Dice get top marks. Five out of five.