Alright, kicking off the week with a new thing. This is largely because I’m excited about the dice having arrived, but also because I’m still kind of giddy about being accepted to Dice Envy’s affiliate program. You can follow my link to them here. On to the dice!

March Mystery Dice Bag

So, the first thing that struck me with the mystery acrylic dice set was that rather than coming in the paper bag shown on the Dice Envy website the dice came in this nice sort of velvety dice bag. It’s a nice touch and feels like a bonus just based on my initial expectations.

Then we get to the dice themselves and my camera doesn’t do these justice.

March Mystery Dice

I’m pretty sure that the set I received was the Kosmos Mars set. They have this really fantastic sort of pomegranate red color that’s shot through with glitter that winds up looking like sparks. There are also a few inclusions of what’s either a darker red or black that leads to some really nice light play within the dice itself. In my set this shows up best in the d4 and the d6, but they’ve all got it.

March Mystery Dice CU

These dice are also really nice for rolling, the numbers are well done and clearly inked which makes them easy to read from a distance. Always important, since dice occasionally fly during game night. They also, just from playing around with them today, seem well balanced with no tendency to get hooked on certain numbers.

Final word here? I’m more than a little happy with this set of dice and left wanting to roll up a new character to use them with. I’m also left tempted to order another of the mystery dice sets, just because the concept excites me. So, yeah, I’m all about these five out of five.