1st of Spring, Year 256


Right, right, right, right!

The new batch of adventurers should be arriving today with the new caravan. I know they’re going to have job jobs, but it’ll help having other around to keep things safe for the civilians living here.

Caskfire’s coming along alright, basic, but alright. It’ll be nice for it to start growing more, especially if that means we can start getting personal quarters. Or at least some work space that doesn’t double as a table at the inn. Soon enough on that I guess. Maybe with better security we could attract some artisans. That’d be nice.

Churt doesn’t seem too happy about this lot, but Churt never seems happy about anything. Well, money aside. It does leave me hoping that I’ll at least get along with them. Wouldn’t that be terrible? Fighting off the Goblin hordes with companions I couldn’t stand? As long as they keep the fortress safe though, I’ll need to work with them.

That’s right! I heard that one of them is supposed to be a librarian and that they’re bringing some books with them. A library could be really nice, there isn’t a lot to do here aside from working and drinking  as of yet. We would still need to set it up in the inn, but still, there should be space. And one of the other new comers is supposed to be a bard, so that should be something else to make Caskfire feel more like home.

More later though, I’ve got to finish getting ready. They’ll be here soon!


1st of Spring, Year 256

Things could have gone worse?

I don’t know that this is going to work. The warlock and the bard seem fine, personable, willing to communicate, willing to wait on the rest of the group. That’s great, I can’t wait to work with them. I can’t wait to try more of Eclair’s baking.

The half-elf though. She doesn’t seem like she’s going to be willing to work with the rest of the party. Charged right past where I was having the adventurers group up to be filled in on things before meeting with Churt for the first time, didn’t even stop for hello, and when we got to the inn she had her feet on the table. On the table! People eat there! But no, no, never mind that, put your gross boots right where the plates go.

Also our new librarian, Chonck, seems nice enough. But he’s also near completely illiterate and won’t be separated from the books he brought with him. The books he brought with him in a massive sack. At least he stopped trying to take any other books he saw after being warned about Churt’s ledger. Maybe we can teach him to read once things have settled a bit?

We’re going to go scouting the area around the Yoyabo Goblin pit tomorrow. Wish us luck.

We’re going to need it I think.


2nd Spring, Year 256

Things went better than expected. I saw some of what the new team is capable of when we ran into a small Goblin patrol. I got around to the far side of them and took two out before they could close on the party. Not my smartest plan given that it got me stabbed, but it gave me a good vantage on what the others did.

It looks like the half-elf and the warlock both have some kind of attack spell, though since they both missed I’ve got no idea what they do. The bard though, Azurei might scare me a little, since she pulped the Goblins I didn’t get all at once, weapons and all.

It also seems that she and the half-elf have healing abilities. Not unexpected, but good to confirm and useful to keep around.

And our warlock, Eclair, seems to need to sacrifice organs from defeated enemies to her patron in addition to baked goods. Definitely worth keeping in mind. What kind of being is her patron that it would have such requirements? She doesn’t seem willing to talk about it.

I’ll worry about that later. On a more immediate note, we found a Goblin encampment. It looked like there was forty of them, maybe as many as fifty, maybe more. It’s close enough to be a serious concern. So we’ll need to pull from the fortress’ militia. Probably need to run some drills with them to make sure the adventurers know how to work with and around them.

Probably won’t have the chance to update until this is taken care of. Going to need to keep an eye on that encampment and the militia drills. Hope the half-elf doesn’t take a wagon out and draw every Goblin in the woods to our front door.