I’m behind, behind, always behind. I’m still working on reviews, chugging along. But I’m a little worried that Christmas will be here before I’m done with the ones in progress now.

It’s still fun, I admit. I’m still enjoying reading the books and I have a fair amount to say, I’m just too scattered to get it down just now. That’s the part that’s not fun.

You keep going though, do the dance, sing the song. I’m exhausted though, we’ve had so many Christmas packages shipped already and this is just the beginning of things for the season. I need to start making myself write right when I get home instead of taking a nap. That might help with the catch up.

I’ve actually got to do it for that to work though.

Bringing up a thing again, the Odd Voice Out Kickstarter has successfully made its base goal with fourteen days to go. Anything from here out will allow them to do more with education outreach and the publishing house as a whole. So, give them a look, it’s definitely worth it.

The World of Darkness campaign is running at a decent clip, I still need to do some posts for that. My character is not as much of a character in game as originally intended, so I’m trying to figure out how to approach that. Since she’s sort of my planned framing device for the posts here.

That’s about it for this time. I’ve got a thousand ideas rattling around, just gotta crack them open and let them simmer a bit. If you like what I’m doing here feel free to leave a comment or a like. Tell me your holliday retail horror stories. If you really like what I’m doing, you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. Any funds from that will be going towards a replacement video camera for introducing some video essay type things to the blog and, possibly, doing box openings for the monthly Second Star Books box. In any case, have a great rest of the week!