I’m running late on this one, aren’t I? I’ve got something of a confession for this one, my favorite bookstore’s been closed for years, and I’m well aware that it’s still my favorite because of nostalgia.

There used to be this tiny, tiny bookstore in Auburn called The Book Rack. It was sort of tucked out of the way, behind a restaurant that’s changed owners and menus a million or so times and a law office. You wouldn’t know to look for it if you didn’t already know it was there, after all the building beneath the sign was just a little old house.

Nothing fancy there.

All of their stock was second-hand trade ins from the customers. More often than not it was well loved and, in reality, third or fourth hand. But it was well organized and the people there were always friendly and ready to offer suggestions.

It was just fun to wonder through because the house itself had a number of miniature halls or shared closets between rooms, packed with shelves where space allowed. The whole place just felt nice. It was a sort of lazy summer day place.