I mentioned moving this to Thursday last week. I think I still want to do that at some point, but before that I want to figure something out for an early week post. Also, things remain a little hectic so I kind of want to keep this anchored a little until I have a better grasp on things.

That said, I’ve got  a couple of guest posts coming up for you all. Always fun to see what gets authors started.

Still planning on reviewing the Second Star Books boxes from this month and last month. I’ve fallen a bit by the wayside with those, but I’m still excited to dig in and talk about what gets packed in with them. I think this month’s might have been the most thematically solid yet.

I’m still behind on reviewing stuff, catching up is super slow because I want to read half of everything I come across. I should have a little time to get more caught up on the writing some time soon. The reading itself has yet to be a problem.

That’s about it I think. Standard stuff, If you like what I’m doing you can comment or hit the like button. Shouting at the void is entertaining, but it would be awesome to see if any of you have thoughts on any of the books here. And, of course, if you really like what I’m doing here you can feed my caffeine addiction and buy me a ko-fi. Anything from that will be going towards a replacement video camera for attempts at unboxings and/or video ramblings. Also, I am more proud of myself than I should be for spelling caffeine right on the first try. Have a great week!