I was so late getting that up last week. It’s funny now, because the review is up and I’m not worried about it any more, but that was a mess. I can’t say I won’t be late again this week, but I have a better grasp on what I want to say this time so it shouldn’t be nearly as bad.

Still behind on reading, but I’m slowly making progress there. I’ve hit a book that reads like eating pop corn, so I’ve wound up half way through without really realizing. So that’s been a lot of fun.

I’ve also got a guest post coming up later in the week. It’s an excerpt this time, so you’ll get a taste of the book in question.

Non standard for me here, but today Amazon employees in Spain will be on strike for better working conditions. In addition to reaching out to other Amazon employees across Europe, they’re asking that customers not shop with Amazon or it’s partners today in solidarity. With today being Amazon’s “Prime Day” that could be a really great way to hit the company in the wallet and make them take notice. If you’ve got a minute you can also shoot Amazon a tweet mentioning why you aren’t buying from them today.

And that’s it for this one.

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