It feels like May has gone by way too fast. The holiday weekend and people getting ready for school to be out probably helped with that. Not a lot happening at work, but just enough to stay busy. The weekend did let me get started on a number of things though, I’m not ahead on anything by any means, but started is better than nothing. It feels a lot better too.

As to the month having seemed really short, I’m still trying to figure out how to make that Second Star Books unboxing video work. But I’m planning on keeping tinkering with it. I’ve got the footage done but no idea what to do with the editing software I’ve got. Even if I don’t get it done though I’m going to have the review of the box up by midnight Thursday. That way I’ll have it up in time to do the whole thing over with June’s box.

There’s going to be a lot of graphic novel reviews coming up in the next few weeks. I got several from First Second not too long ago and also found some that had been set to the side for later. That was more than a little while ago, but they’re nifty books and I’m excited to share them.

I’m also hoping to get a little more work done on the reviews for some of the novels I’ve been sent. I keep planning on scheduling daily time on this and then it all goes to reading instead of working on reviews or other things I had planned. It’s brilliant. But, I figure that if I keep aware of it I should be able to work on it better.

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