September Display

I’m still getting used to reviewing things that aren’t books, but I’m back with September’s Too Much Monday box. I’m really enjoying the service so far. This month is fairly fall themed with richly flavored caramels, a crisp apple sage candle, and warm mellow chocolate praline tea. I think my favorite things this month were the caramels and the candle, and both are stand out good compared to other similar things I’ve tried before.

The apple sage candle burns really well. It’s one of the ones with a wooden wick, which isn’t something I’ve gotten a chance to try before, so that’s cool. The smell is fairly light and sweet, more apple than sage. It’s more fresh apples than the more apple pie scents I usually find. I’m also really happy with the look of the container, it’s a clear patterned glass that kind of puts me in mind of some of the glassware my parents have and looks good in my work space. I would definitely get this kind of candle again.

This month’s chocolate hazelnut praline tea has a really mellow flavor, like I mentioned before, and a fantastic scent. On its own it doesn’t have a particularly strong chocolate flavor, more of a warm cherry probably a side effect of the hazelnut praline. That’s not something that surprises me much, chocolate is kind of a hard flavor to get right in something like tea. That changes a great deal when you add milk or half and half though. The flavor stays mellow but the creaminess from the milk helps bring out the chocolate notes. It’s worth trying and then trying again.

I do feel like having the caramels with the tea would be bad, the caramels have a much stronger flavor and would leave the tea feeling bland. So that’s a thing to note. True to their name, the McRea’s Dark Roast Mocha caramels have a really good coffee flavor without a lot of bitterness. They’re smooth and deeply enjoyable and rich enough that I can eat one and be satisfied. Plus, it looks like the company makes a number of other caramel flavors, so if those are as good as these were I may have found nifty treats for me and gifts for friends and family.

Lavender Champagne bathbomb

One of the big things I was not expecting was the bath bomb’s scent. It had been listed as Creamsicle, but when it arrived was Lavender Champagne. That said, it was fantastic both in that it smelled wonderful and left the water feeling super silky and decadent. Plus, since it wasn’t meant to be split apart, I wound up using the whole thing and it fizzed for a really long time which felt nice.

Reviewing this month’s box reminded me of how long it had been since I painted my nails. The Essie polish goes on smoothly and dries quickly. I only used two coats, but that resulted in a nicely even red. The color is vibrant which is a pleasant surprise, I was expecting something softer, but the red I received appeals to me.

The only thing in this month’s box that I wasn’t super into was the Zoya Hot Lips lip gloss. While it is super moisturizing, which is great for this time of year, it also left my lips feeling sticky. There was also a scent to it that I couldn’t quite place beyond it being sweet.

This month’s box is full of my kind of things, which is great and leaves me very much looking forward to what’s coming next. We’re getting into fall and Halloween season, so I’m wondering where Too Much Monday will go with their next box. If you’re interested, you can check out their website here and use the coupon code Tympest to get 15% off your first box.