I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with this, this being my first time reviewing something other than a book here. So, let’s do a little background on this first. Too Much Monday is a monthly book and relaxation club. Each month subscribers receive a box containing a book and various items to pamper themselves with, including tea, a snack, a bath bomb, and other items. This month had some really fun stuff in it.

The stars of the show for this month’s box, for me, were the key lime bath bomb and the floral bath salts. I don’t usually just soak in the tub, but these made it worth taking the time. It is also really nice that enough of each is included for two baths if you follow the directions as listed. I did wind up using two cubes of the bath bomb instead of three for a lighter smell, but it was still fantastic.

Keylime Bath Bomb

The tea blend for August was a pineapple, papaya, and honey green tea. It’s got a really light flavor that puts me in mind of honeysuckle more than fruit, but it’s nice to sip on and definitely something I would drink more of. Half a cup in I found myself thinking that it would be fantastic if sweetened with honey and served over ice. I feel like it would work great to complement either the bath bomb or bath salts.

While I’m not sure how well the jelly beans fit with everything else for the treat, they were also tasty. I like the blueberry better than the gingerale if I’m eating them on their own, but eating two at once gives the best of both tastes. Plus, they’re Jelly Belly jelly beans, so I can probably find them again later.

I don’t have much to say about the face mask or coloring sheet. I’m a weenie about pain when it comes to the mask, my roommate noted that masks like it are awesome but hurt when they come off, though I’m still going to use it. I have it, so I might as well. The coloring sheet has a fairly standard floral design. I like it, but I’m more likely to save a couple of them up and give myself an afternoon of coloring.

The only real downside I’ve found with anything that came with the August box is that, with exception to the jelly beans and mask, none of the pampering items had a name associated with them. Given that I really enjoyed several items, it would have been great if the companies that made them were listed on the information card included. This does seem to be something they are fixing for the September box though, and the information might be on their instagram.

Some last things to tidy up here. I haven’t had the chance to read the book pick, Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments, but it may show up for a review later. I’ve heard good things about her writing, so it’s definitely worth a shot. Right now, Too Much Monday is taking orders for September’s box. It looks like it’s going to be mostly fall themed with an apple sage candle, chocolate caramels, and a chocolate hazelnut toffee tea. As a bonus, if you order before September 10th and use the coupon code Tympest, you’ll save 50% off your first box instead of the usual 15%.