So, it’s a bit off topic but the post I did a couple days ago made me think of this. Weird stuff keeps happening in the new apartment, mostly little things, but still. I heard a girl crying in the middle of the night, it wasn’t either of my roommates. One roommate had the light fixture that had just been fixed fall from the ceiling of her room a couple times the first day we moved in. It broke the last time it fell. The dog keeps freaking out at seemingly nothing.

It’s a little like being in the first twenty minutes of a haunted house movie. Though, I certainly hope that we are more likeable than most horror movie protagonists.

I feel like I might set out the video camera and see if anything shows up. It’s silly, and I’ll probably just wind up with video of the cat running around, but I figure why not. I am very nearly promising that I’m not going to up and turn this into a ghost hunting blog, but I do kind of really want to try this now.

That makes me think of another thing. Have you guys ever quit a series because it scared you too badly?