So, since I’m a bit more active again, I went back through all of my old reviews and added a new category to all the ones that I’d actually given an out of five score to. That’s going to be up at the top of review posts in the “filed under” section with other things like genre and sub-genre. This is mostly for my own use, but if you guys are interested in what kinds of stuff gets what reviews it might be worth a click.

I’m also looking at reviewing some of the comic trades I’ve been reading lately. So that’s like all three of the Jem books and the first Squirrel Girl. Nothing that’s really new new, but it’s fun and I’m going to read them anyway. Might as well, right?

And, last thing for the moment, are there any serious opinions on if I revisited that idea from way back to review some nostalgia books? It would be mostly my nostalgia, so anything from Nancy Drew to stuff I found at the library sale to some of the Dragonriders of Pern books. I just kind of want to throw that out there again because looking back it seemed like a fun idea.

Anyway, any ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment!