It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I’m a little late with this, but I’m happy to host a guest post by Mr. Dan Dembiczak regarding the follow up to his first novel, Corpse Pose, and a cover teaser for his newest book, Imperfect Paradise. So let’s jump right in!

My follow-up to my debut novel – The Hardest Pose is Corpse Pose — maintains a focus on the inner human struggles but expands to a multiple-character point-of-view storytelling. Each chapter is told through a different character’s POV, including four main characters and two sub characters that come into the story later on. Oren and Helen have been married for twelve years. He is a tenured professor at the University of Washington while she is a dedicated yoga instructor. They chose not to have children, but are proud owners of a rescued border collie-mix named Arfie. They own a house in the up and coming Columbia City neighborhood in Seattle. Seems like a quaint little life, right? Well, then there’s Peter who’s been sleeping with Oren for the past several months. Oren’s always been with men, but Peter is his first boyfriend, though he hesitates to use the word. Peter is a devout Catholic who writes emails to Mother Mary asking for advice and letters back home to his cousin in Hawaii.

Oren goes back and forth between wanting to end it with Peter and desiring a clean break from his marriage to Helen. Why doesn’t he just come out? It’s not that simple for him. He genuinely loves Helen and their life together. So what happens when Helen finds out about his affair? Not what you might think. Her years of yogic training have led her to accept what is and not force change. So rather than confront Oren, she merely moves on and starts dating one of her students – Geo, a quirky acupuncturist with a mysterious past and penchant for stuffing food in his sofa cushions. As Oren goes back and forth on his commitments to both Helen and Peter, he starts to notice a distinct change in Helen’s health. Her condition worsens by the week, but she refuses to see a physician. Instead, she decides to deal with the illness on her own terms and sets out to fulfill a life-long dream. Arfie is sensitive to the tumultuous situation at home, and quickly starts to side with Helen despite her previously being his number two.

The Hardest Pose is Corpse Pose is a novel about faith and behavior. How far will we go to stay consistent with our belief system? How do we punish ourselves from our own bad thoughts? In the end there is hope, sacrifice and some startling revelations about the right path to well-being.

About the Author:

Dan Dembiczak is a Seattle native who began writing stories as soon as he could spell. He earned a BA in creative writing from the University of Washington and has worked extensively in local theater as a playwright, actor, director, and producer. Eight of his plays were produced in Seattle, including the popular four-part Capitol Hill High series, and a number of his articles and short stories have appeared in publications in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Dembiczak has traveled extensively to the Hawaiian islands, particularly the Big Island, where he was married in 2008. He primarily resides in Seattle with his husband, dog, and chickens, and is currently working on his second nove.

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