So, as the title suggests, I’ve got a bit of an idea brewing but I wanted to see if there was any interest before trying to put it into motion.  As you guys may have figured or I might have mentioned it, either way, my reviews leave out a lot of what I’d like to say about books both good and bad.  What I’m considering is doing either typed book rants that would expand on some of the stuff I mentioned enjoying or not as well as adding things I’d thought of later or starting with the typed rants and then trying posting video rants.

Part of my concern here comes from the video part because, well this is me, I don’t want to feel like I’m ripping off the That Guy With the Glasses crew but I think it could be an interesting thing to give a try and if it works that would be awesome.

The other thing that worries me a bit is spoilers, I don’t know how you guys feel about them as a generality, but no matter which version of this I decided to try I’m sure it would be pretty spoilerific.  That’s why a lot of the stuff I leave out gets left out, it ties into the ending too much or would spoil the plot twist or whatever.  This would involve me talking about the things that just get me about a book or that are really awesome but say more than I feel a review should.  I figured that if I did this there would be a warning in the title of each typed rant or at the beginning of any video rants.

So, why do I want to do this?  Mostly I love books and most of the people I talk to on a regular basis either don’t read the same stuff I do or are my coworkers and already think I’m a bit nuts.  I don’t really talk about the hows and whys of book stuff much because it feels like rambling to the wrong audience a lot of the time, with this I would both know that my audience was interested in books and that if they didn’t want to read/watch it they could just flip to a different page and be done with it.  Plus, there’s the feed back aspect to this.  I like bouncing ideas around with other people, it’s kind of fun.  Aside from that, I don’t know.  If anyone has any ideas as to how to make this work, that’d be great or if you just would prefer I shut this down and go back to just posting reviews.

Speaking of that, there should be a review up sometime Saturday and I’ll probably rant about comics a bit next week just for old times sake.  I’m working my way back into the groove here.