So, twenty days and no words.  Sorry guys, I’ve got no excuse and no reason to get around this one.  I do have a new review this time though, so that’s a good thing.

Another Friday party in the Benjamin Franklin lounge and Professor Sophie Knowles is looking forward to her weekend getaway with her medevac pilot boyfriend Bruce Granville when everyone’s cell phones start going off at once.  Someone’s being carried out of the library on a stretcher, dead.  Sophie’s friend Charlotte Crocker has been murdered and it looks like the librarian everyone loved might not have been as squeaky clean as Sophie thought.

Ada Madison’s The Probability of Murder is a good quick read, a soft mystery with a likeable heroine who manages to solve the crime while still worrying about her ice climbing boyfriend and being a good teacher.  The story was good, though I could have done with a bit less of Sophie doing busy work to distract herself.  I enjoyed the character interactions and would like to see more about how Sophie maintains a friendship with seemingly flighty Ariana.  Not sure how I felt about the character detail of Sophie writing word problems as a side job/ hobby, it seems like the kind of thing that would come up again later but it wasn’t used much here.  Overall, my problems with the book were more pacing related than anything.

On the other hand, I really liked the characters.  A few of the students and professors seemed like the folks that every college has which helped make Henley read true.  The atmosphere was good, very small town or artsy part of a small college town.  I’d definitely read more of the series.

I give The Probability of Murder a four out of five, it earns it.