Yet again, I’ve managed to be late with my review because of academic stuff and losing time to random friend things.  All in good fun, but still late.  On to the show!

Class is in session for Charles Nukid at Scary School where monsters run amok and being sent to detention could easily land you as lunch for a hungry T. Rex.

Derek the Ghost’s Scary School is an account of a year at the eponymous school, introducing the students and teachers and leading up to the much anticipated (and feared) Ghoul Games.  The book takes a chapter with each major character, focusing mostly on Charles but also spreading out so that each character including Derek himself gets some screen time.  This tends to make it feel more like a series of vaguely linked short stories rather than a novel.

I have to admit that while I enjoyed Scary School, I wasn’t a fan of how much it referenced itself.  While bringing something up and then referring to it coming up later does feel true to voice it gets annoying rather quickly when this is done in several chapters in a row.  I’m not terribly big on the insistence that certain things are or were scary but, yet again, it fits the voice.  I would definitely give Scary School to my little cousin when he learns to read on his own.

As far as rating Scary School goes, it’s enough away from what I usually read that I’m not entirely comfortable giving it a number rating.  It’s good enough that I’d want to share with the younger members of my family and it’s good enough that, aside from the annoyances I mentioned earlier, I don’t have any issues with it.  That said, I’m going to give Scary School a four out of five.