I am having such a moment here.  Finals start Thursday which means I’m going to be busy studying rather than reading or posting around online or sleeping.  Then Christmas which is going to be great, because family, but will also pull me away from reading and the internets, not a bad thing there.  And my reading list is still growing steadily out of control.  I’ve got a stack of books knee high or better that I need to get read and a slightly shorter stack that need reviews, and I am terrible about time management so I don’t have anything for today because my computer decided to freak and I hadn’t saved the review I was working on.  All that said, I’m going to have a review posted tomorrow and I’m going to make time to get all my studying done and still wrap my parents’ Christmas presents and that’s just going to have to work.


I’ve also had Roxette’s “Dangerous” on the brain all day.  It feels funny.