I only read about Anne McCaffrey’s death very early Thursday morning.  It’s the kind of thing that, as a reader, you don’t really think of after all there’s a disconnect from the writer as a person.  But for me, a hobby writer and wannabe novelist, it hit pretty hard that this author that I’ve looked up to since I first picked up Dragonseye back in sixth grade is never going to write or cowrite another book.  When I eventually work up the nerve to send in a submission to Year’s Greatest Sci-Fi, I’m not going to get the chance to have that judged by one of the sci-fi writers that I respect the most.

It’s kind of weird, I haven’t read any of her newer stuff that she wrote with her son.  It’s been years since I picked up a new Pern novel or reread one of the Talent novels.  But I’m sad because this is one of the authors whose writing made me figure that I could eventually write something worth publishing.  It’s hard to think that she isn’t going to be coming out with anything new.

I picked up the first Acorna book while out yesterday, it’s a series that I’ve been meaning to read for years but never quite got around to.