I’m still working on that review and I’m still having problems with my intro to it.  Starting to think that I’m over thinking this whole thing.  Got a couple of other reviews to get written.  I picked up my draw box, so I’m probably going to rant a bit about Birds of Prey and Batwoman at some point which may involve spoilers for other things from before Flashpoint.  Brain is fuzzy because I slept most of the weekend.

I’m also excited because one of the authors I reviewed recently was kind enough to give my review a shout out on his Amazon page, so thanks to Guy James for that!

Towards the end of the week we’ll be having a guest post from J.N. Duncan, author of Deadworld and The Vengeful Dead to celebrate the release of his second Jackie Rutledge novel.

I’m about to fall asleep on my keyboard no matter how excited I am though and will have something more coherent posted later in the day.