I’m getting really creative with titles here aren’t I?  So, I’ve got a review going up this coming Saturday for Guy James’ Zven the Zombie Slayer and he’s being nice enough that this week’s giveaway is for not one, not two, but five e-book copies of his novel!  This pleases me greatly.

Giveaway rules are as always.  I need you to be an e-mail subscriber and post a comment telling  me how excited you are to get a chance at this nifty sounding book, complaining about how zombies are becoming the new vampires,popping in to ask why I’m still giving examples, the usual.  You can get an extra entry by following me on Twitter or by telling your friends about my awesome, awesome blog.  That’s a possible total of three chances to win one of our five prizes.

Winners will be announced Saturday at six Central time.  Best of luck everybody!