I’ve probably mentioned that I was a bit disapointed when Gail Simone’s being moved off of BoP to work on DCnU stuff cut short the arc featuring the Question.  Yes, I’m still on that.  I’m also fairly sure that I’ve mentioned Lady Blackhawk punching Nazis on issue 14 being rather awesome.  It’s awesome to see Zinda interacting with people who knew her back before she got tossed forward in time.  It’s kind of interesting to see psychic clone Nazis versus the Birds of Prey and the flash backs to the mission back in World War 2.    But it still feels like filler.  This didn’t do anything to further the story.  It introduced a bit of history, yes, but this was stand alone in the worst way I can think of.   I know this was just holding time until September’s issue, but more could have been done with either story.

Away from complaining, Zinda referring to herself as a senior citizen was hilarious as was the utter lack of change between 1940’s Zinda and 2011 Zinda.  The end boss could have been a terrifying threat if he’d had a couple more issues to show the terror of an over muscled psychic on the warpath.  Also the clones were creepy as anything I can think of off the top off my head.

This more or less adds up to my wondering, I’ve read the last issues for Batgirl and BoP and Wonder Woman,  how many of the August DC comics were filler and how many actually wrapped up the comic they belong to?