So, I’ve got some of the stuff for classes taken care of now, my Aunt is married successfully, and I got to see my Grandma.  Successful week is successful so far.  I’ll have a review going up in the next couple of days for Alex Kava’s new book Hotwire and will probably babble about the Rizzoli & Isles TV show a bit because it’s been three weeks and Tess Gerritsen doesn’t have a new book yet.  Going to be setting up my post for the I’m a Reader, Not a Writer summer giveaway hop in the next several days.  Going to try to get four or five reviews ahead for the beginning of the academic year, so that’s going to continue wreaking havoc with my post schedule for the next couple of weeks.

Planning, planning, and more planning but nothing coming of it.  I’m throwing out another bottle to see what pops up.