I’ve switched computers for a while because my Mom borrowed my laptop for a class, I’ve been getting everything switched over to my  desk top and left a few files out that I needed.  This last Saturday’s review will go up no later than midnight tomorrow and I will be posting a review this coming Saturday computer or not.

Hopefully I’ve got a couple of really big books coming soon for review in July, and if one of them arrives in time for me to review it before it’s release date I’ll be doing a giveaway to celebrate.  Got another review coming up for the next Deadworld book The Vengeful Dead that’s going up sometime soon and a couple of copies of a book that I’ve been looking really forward to that I’m hoping to be able to share with you guys.

I’ll also probably be posting more regarding DC’s new reboot as it gets closer though most of my concerns were addressed in my last post about that.  I’ll probably start talking more about stuff I’ve noticed out book shopping and things that I question regarding what gets put on shelves.  I may try for more discussion if anyone’s up for that.  But that’s all for now, gotta go write reviews and read books.

Bottle thrown, later guys.