And for another week in which I magically miss Saturday completely.  I’m currently trying to figure out if talking about DC’s new reboot is viable for my audience.  What do you guys think?  Want to hear me talk about how I feel about the new Birds of Prey line up and Barbara Gordon as Batgirl again?  Maybe later, after the review.

The whole village of Stoneham, New Hampshire is turned out for the first ever Founder’s Day celebration.  Debora Black, owner of the Happy Domestic and festivities organizer, is in the middle of the opening speech when a plane crashes into the gazebo killing her and the pilot.  Everyone is convinced that the crash was just an accident except for Debora’s friend Tricia Miles.  But can Tricia figure who the killer is in a case where nothing is what she thought it was?

I hadn’t read any Lorna Barrett before Sentenced to Death, and now I feel the need to rectify that.  The characters drive it rather than the mystery itself, Tricia spends more time talking to her neighbors and taking care of her store than she does snooping.  Debora’s husband almost immediately starts to act suspiciously, selling her store, ignoring their son, and seeing other women.  Tricia seems more of a friend trying to make sense of a senseless accident than a detective solving a crime.  She’s ultimately proven right and she does solve the mystery, but at times it feels a little like she’s grasping at straws and coincidences.  I actually kind of enjoyed that aspect of the book, it made the characters feel more human.

Sentenced to Death is definitely on the lighter side of mysteries, a good beach book or pool read.  I give it a four out of five for fun characters, organic conversation, and situations that wouldn’t feel out of place in a soap opera.  Definitely worth checking out.