Nothing to say here just at the moment.  If any of my readers live near Auburn, there’s a massive sale over at Turn the Page (previously The Book Rack) next Friday and Saturday.

Carrie Vaughn is one of those authors who’s books I buy as soon as I possibly can after they come out.  With After the Golden Age, I didn’t have to wait.

Commerce City’s greatest super villain, the Destructor, is in jail for tax fraud and it’s up to crack forensic accountant Celia West to make sure he stays there.  But as the trial proceeds mistakes in Celia’s past come to light, mistakes hidden by her super hero parents and the police, mistakes that could bring her entire life tumbling down around her.  To save the day Celia will have to learn to deal with her father, her past, and the growing distance between herself and those she cares about.

This book made my inner comic nerd dance with glee.  For the Olympiad, it took fairly stock super hero types and developed them into people rather than capes.  Less fortunately any other super heroes got less development including Typhoon, also known as Celia’s best friend Analise.  The main villain was appropriately conniving and creepy.  The mysterious retired hero was mentioned just enough to make me want to learn more about him.  Best though was that Celia got herself out of most of her emotional funks.  She went through the “no one loves me” phase to the “wait, why am I letting the bad guy win” phase by herself.  Celia didn’t get the support that Vaughn’s longer standing heroine Kitty Norville has, but she has the same tough smart assery that makes Vaughn’s books a joy to read.

I will admit that my one big frustration while reading After the Golden Age was that while I was reading I kept trying to figure out which comic book super hero each of the Olympiad could be compared to.  After reading though, I’ll admit that I enjoyed that too.  I give After the Golden Age a five out of five and suggest it to anyone who’s a fan of superhero comics.